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    22 Simple Costumes For People Who Always Dress In Black

    If your entire wardrobe is black, you're going to have an easy time with Halloween this year.

    1. Wednesday Addams:

    2. Or her mom, Morticia Addams:

    3. Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany's:

    4. A bat:

    5. A vampire:

    6. Black Widow from The Avengers:

    7. Sandy and Danny from Grease:

    8. A skeleton:

    9. A member of KISS:

    10. A cat:

    11. Or a spider:

    12. A ninja:

    13. Bank thieves:

    14. Or a cop:

    15. Want something a little more sexy? What about Lara Croft?

    16. A witch (an especially stylish witch):

    17. Little Red Riding Hood:

    18. Black widow:

    19. Darth Vader:

    20. A Flapper from the '20s:

    21. Madonna in the '80s