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    22 Simple Costumes For People Who Always Dress In Black

    If your entire wardrobe is black, you're going to have an easy time with Halloween this year.

    1. Wednesday Addams:

    2. Or her mom, Morticia Addams:

    Via Facebook: oliviaemilyblog

    A long and tight dress is preferred. And if your hair isn't long enough or dark enough, just grab yourself a wig.

    3. Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany's:


    Black gloves, a high chignon and and a long cigarette.

    4. A bat:

    5. A vampire:


    All you'll need is a little makeup to complete your costume.

    6. Black Widow from The Avengers:


    All you need is black boots, some extra belts, and a toy gun. You're good to go.

    7. Sandy and Danny from Grease:


    The key is just to nail the hair and makeup.

    8. A skeleton:

    9. A member of KISS:

    10. A cat:

    11. Or a spider:

    12. A ninja:

    13. Bank thieves:


    A black beanie and a bag with a "$" on it (and maybe some toy jewelry) is all you need to complete this costume.

    14. Or a cop:


    A toy gun, a pair of aviator sunglasses, and a fake police badge. And if you happen to know anyone dressed as a donut, all the better.

    15. Want something a little more sexy? What about Lara Croft?


    Black shorts, black boots and a toy gun, and you'll be ready to raid some tombs.

    16. A witch (an especially stylish witch):


    A witch hat, a lacey veil and, if you please, a fake wart.

    17. Little Red Riding Hood:


    Apart from a black dress, you will obviously need a red cape.

    18. Black widow:


    You will need to get your hands on a dramatic, Victorian dress, a black veil and black gloves.

    19. Darth Vader:


    Just add his signature suit components with colored construction paper to any black dress, and you're all set.

    20. A Flapper from the '20s:

    Kyle Michaels / Via

    If you have a dress with fringes, this is the perfect costume for you. Add a pair of gloves and a pearl necklace and you will be ready for Halloween.

    21. Madonna in the '80s

    Maegan Tintari / Via Flickr: lovemaegan

    Lots of necklaces and jewelry, a black meshed shirt, and messy hair.