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    20 Things From Walmart’s "Queer Eye" Collection That’ll Update Any Home

    “You’re just like owning your space and stuff.” —Jonathan Van Ness

    If you want to spruce up your space, and you haven't checked out the Queer Eye collection from Walmart, I'm here — with some help from the Fab Five — to give your home some life.

    1. An octagonal plant stand in case your lil' green babies are slowly starting to take over your entire apartment. This chic stand lets you put all your plants up on a pedestal (the way they deserve).

    the quad level plant stand with plants on it

    2. A whimsical bookshelf that looks like a work of art all on its own, yet can provide storage (or some much-needed display space) on top of its stellar style.

    The white, semicircle bookshelf with books on it

    3. A fold-down futon with hidden storage because those of us without guest bedrooms deserve to host friends and family too — and in super sleek style no less. This sofa even has space to store an extra set of sheets!

    4. A bar cabinet that will totally help you transform into the at-home mixologist you've always aspired to be. Cosmopolitan, anyone?


    5. A reversible pink Aztec-inspired area rug to simultaneously brighten and soften up your space (or cover some unsightly old flooring).

    the pink and grey aztec rug

    6. A timelessly elegant nightstand, because we're all adults now and stacking our nighttime glass of water on top of that pile of bedside books we've yet to read will only last us so's nightstand time.

    the white nightstand

    7. A pair of nesting side tables that are versatile in style and can be easily tucked away to make room in smaller spaces.

    the natural wood side tables

    8. An upholstered daybed perfect for that transitional guest bedroom/office space you've been struggling to redecorate. Also perfect for a quick post-meeting nap...

    the olive green twin daybed

    9. A round faux plaster coffee table that looks like it belongs in Dakota Johnson's living room during her infamous Architectural Digest tour. I love limes, AND this table.

    the white round coffee table

    10. A double pedestal desk just gorgeous enough that it might actually compel me to get some work done in my home office (as opposed to from my couch).

    the oak desk in an office

    11. A little locker-style end table perfect for storing precious belongings (for me personality, that'd be my early 2000s DVD collection) because it actually locks.

    the locker side table in olive green

    12. A three-piece bistro set so you can live out your European Girl Summer dreams and have every morning coffee out on the veranda (or patio, or... fire escape).

    the green chair and table set on a balcony

    13. A mid-century coffee table to finally display all those coffee table books you've accumulated over the years...oh, and to put your coffee on, I guess.

    the coffee table in walnut

    14. A faux leather, small space sofa so chic it'll turn your midday sprawl and doom-scrolling session into a practically cinematic way to spend the afternoon.

    the black couch in a living room

    15. A slatted folding serving cart that can be used both indoors and outside, so you can have a rolling bar cart by your side year-round. If that's not The Dream™ then I don't know what is.

    the white serving cart out on a patio

    16. A gorgeous faux leather wingback chair great for curling up with a good book (or a new TV show) and having yourself a little ~Main Character~ moment.

    the wingback chair in the color camel

    17. A minimalist TV stand in case you, much like myself, are too scared to attempt mounting your TV on the wall, but still want to modernize your ~entertainment center~ space.

    the natural wood and white TV stand

    18. A velvet upholstered bed frame that will make a *royal* step up from your current mattress-on-the-bare-floor situation...been there, done that, no judgment!

    the king size of the grey bed frame

    19. A drop leaf dining table ideal for someone living in a small space with some very big dinner party dreams.

    20. A barrel-style accent chair that admittedly does look like it would be claimed as my dog's new favorite spot to curl up immediately. But look how cute!

    the grey accent chair in a living room

    To quote JVN, "Can you believe?"

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