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  • Waisting Away Your (Male) Muffin-Top

    Alright, it’s official, we’re starting to worry. There is a seriously disturbing trend in men’s products lately. Of course we all know about the murse and yesterday we found something on Gizmodo for men’s ‘moobs,’ but now things are getting just a tad out of control. Coming to store near you is the “Anti Muffin Top Elastic” underwear for men. Described as ” (the elastic)…will give men a sleek, sexy waist line while wearing the underwear. Also contrast stitching in vibrant red as been added to the waistband of the product in order to give it a more powerful look.” Powerful? Why do they need a waistband to look “powerful”? Now, what’s below it - that’s a different story…

  • “Dude, We Are So Gonna Get Signed!!!”

    If you long for the days of Camaros, back pocket combs, half shirts and painters pants, we’ve got the site for you - Rock and Roll Confidential. Devoted to taking the piss out of local bands from around the country, their tagline reads, “Your band sucks.” ‘Nuff said. You’ll find a dizzying array of independent press photos lining the hallowed “Hall of Douchebags.” Bands photographed against brick walls are collectively known as “Brickwallers,” while the single standout wannabes are mostly referred to simply as “Jeremy.” Personal vendetta or a nod to Eddie Vedder? You decide… and there’s more - a reality show, t-shirts, baby gear, etc… Rock on.

  • Scars Are Sexy

    Here’s a study that says women love that stereotypical rough and tough guy… according to two British universities, women are attracted to men with facial scars. Ladies, it’s not like they got those scars in a sword fight, defending a woman’s honor. More like they fell off a balcony drunk in college. Trust me. The study goes on to say that although women did find men with scars on their face more attractive, they didn’t want a long-term relationship with them. Hmmm. How many guys do you think are running around trying to figure out how to scar their face? “C’mon, be a buddy, man, punch me in the face… hard. It’ll get me laid.”

  • These Boot Are Made for Hoping

    We bring you Obama boots… Yep, for you politically fashion-conscious women, shoe brand Coclico unveils a rather gorgeous gray boot out for this season and it’s named after our newly elected president. And how did the name come about – we read that the designer is French and since she can’t vote, she designed and named the boot after Obama…

  • Being Badass and Feminine is a Tough Mix. Tura Satana Not Only Pulls It Off, She Invented It.

    New interview with 60’s cult film icon, Tura Satana. Have you ever come across someone that seems like they’ve lived 10 lives to your one? We have and she’s Tura Satana - the gorgeous and iconic star of Russ Meyer’s 1965 cult classic, Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill!… The best burlesque dancer ever to use up a whole stage working her tassels like no one else - she didn’t earn the distinction of Best Tassel Twirler in the World for nothing… The obsession of many a movie star and celebrity (Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley, to name two rumors…) The woman who wrote the book on how to be feminine and a badass at the same time… Tura may be best known for all of the above, but this doesn’t even begin scratch the surface…. View Image ›

  • Guys Get Man-Boobs from Coffee

    Ladies, if you want to avoid the cost of breast reduction surgery, drink a cup of joe, it’ll shrink your other cups. Hilariously, it’s the opposite for guys - they grow bigger boobs. Break out the Seinfeld man-sierre.

  • New Website Announces When You’re PMSing

    We came across a website today that is trying to be service-y but mainly just made us feel weird, oddly emotional and then really angry. Appropriately, it’s called PMS Buddy – “The free online PMS reminder – Saving relationships one month at a time.” Seriously. Their “single goal” is to warn men when the women in their lives “are closing in on ‘that time of the month’ - when things can get intense for what may seem to be no reason at all.” Oh, Jesus…. And they have a “Threat Index” measuring how much PMS is out there… And PMS Buddy gear for sale, like mugs and BBQ aprons (?). We don’t like these people…

  • Yes We Can… In Any Language

    With all the political fashion choices out there, you’ve probably had your fill of the latest and greatest T-shirts. We had, until we came across a French artist, agentactif, who started the project Yes We Can Around the World. He’s created an innovative design of Barack Obama’s face with Yes We Can translated into a ton of different languages - Hindu, Korean, French, Spanish, German, Japanese, Hebrew, Vietnamese and more… check it out…

  • Say It Ain’t So! Jack’s Giving Up the Ladies?

    This is bad news - it trumps the market, the economy, the environment, everything. Get ready for it… Jack Nicholson says he’s too old to chat up women. The horror! The man known for knowing his way around Hollywood bedrooms says “it doesn’t look right” when he tries to pick up women…

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