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Scientists Want To Link Your Skin To Your Phone.

The Future Is Now: Tattoo's That Vibrate When Your Phone Rings

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You know how everywhere you go people are saying, "I wish my tattoos were part of my phone";? Well, the wait is over, people. Nokia recently filed a patent for technology that will make your tattoo vibrate when someone calls. Yup. Because technology wasn't creepy enough already.

Specifically the patent proposes "the application of tattoos with ferromagnetic inks, that will vibrate based on commands from your phone". Suggested applications are in places where even a vibrating phone is too noisy - get your arm to vibrate instead! Or it could help get information to soldiers in the field - send them orders in Morse directly to their skin!

Finally you can get a booty call directly to your tramp stamp. Welcome to the brave new world of butt-dialing.

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