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    The Teacher Who Went Viral For Sharing His Salary On TikTok Tells Us Just How Broken The Education System Is

    “We’re not only undervaluing our teachers and our school systems — we’re now also attacking them as well.”

    On today's episode of BuzzFeed Daily, we broke down the top pop culture headlines AND talked with the teacher who went viral on TikTok for sharing his first-year salary. You can listen below or scroll down to read more about the interview!

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    So let's dive right into it! Recently we talked to Kyle Cohen, a fourth-grade teacher in Ohio, about his recent TikTok shedding light on the paltry wages of teachers. Here's some of what we learned:

    BuzzFeed Daily: You recently posted a video to TikTok in which you talked about how much money you get paid as a teacher. Can you tell us about that first video you made and why you chose to make it?

    Screengrab from a TikTok by @mr.kylecohen featuring Kyle smiling and looking at the camera

    BuzzFeed Daily: The response to the video was fairly divided. You had some people in the comment section showing their support, including other educators. But there was also a contingent of commenters who thought your salary was completely reasonable. For example, one user wrote "I feel like teachers get what they deserve. They have three months off, weekends off, every holiday off, etc. So this is reasonable pay." Were you surprised to see reactions like this?

    Screengrab from a TikTok by @mr.kylecohen featuring Kyle talking into the camera and responding to a comment that says "You work 8-9 months a year."

    BuzzFeed Daily: I know that this question probably won't have a simple answer, but do you have a sense as to how pay has gotten this bad in the American education system? Like how did we get to this point?

    BuzzFeed Daily: I have to imagine being a teacher during the height of the pandemic was one of the hardest jobs to have at that time, not to mention all of the subsequent mask and vaccine debates that centered around the classroom. What has your experience been like over the last year and a half, especially in terms of the resources that teachers have been provided with?

    Photo of a teacher helping a small child put on a rainboot

    BuzzFeed Daily: To bring that back to your salary, and teacher salaries in general, it sounds like you're doing way more work than anyone signed up for without that extra pay.

    We also talked about Buffy and Bring It On star Eliza Dushku appearing in front of a House Judiciary Committee to talk about how her former Bull costar Michael Weatherly allegedly sexually harassed her, as well as the subsequent forced arbitration at CBS.

    WATCH: @ElizaDushku shares her personal story of the sexual harassment she faced at CBS and the secret arbitration process she was forced to enter. #EndForcedArbitration

    Twitter: @HouseJudiciary

    After telling the committee that she was told the role would be a quote “six-year commitment to play a smart, strong leading lady...written specifically with me in mind,” Eliza said: "However, in my first week on my new job, I found myself the brunt of crude, sexualized, and lewd verbal assaults. I suffered near-constant sexual harassment from my costar. This was beyond anything I had experienced in my 30-year career."

    She went on to say that after she asked him to tone down his comments, he texted the head of CBS Studios and she was fired the following day.

    Plus, after basically confirming to GQ that they are in fact dating, Tom Holland and Zendaya talked about wishing they had more privacy, and how it felt for the world to find out via a paparazzi photo of them kissing.

    Photo of Tom Holland and Zendaya with their arms around each other's waist

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