Listen: Demi Lovato Is The Latest Star To Share Her Struggles—Is It Healing Or Exploitative?

    “She feels in a sense that her livelihood is bound up in a sense of authenticity and candor and really being on the level with her fans.”

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    On today's episode:

    1. This week Youtube released the third installment of Demi Lovato’s docuseries “Dancing With Devil.” It’s full of truly shocking revelations about the trauma she’s endured in her life. It’s hard to watch, and you can tell that it’s all still painful for Demi to talk about.

    Today we’re talking with The Atlantic’s Spencer Kornhaber. He wrote the piece “Stars Now Understand That Their Destruction Is Our Entertainment.”

    Listen to hear Spencer share his take on “Dancing With The Devil,”--how it can be empowering for Demi to reclaim her own story, but how it may also be re-traumatizing.

    He also compares “Dancing With The Devil” to similar tell-all style documentary works we’ve seen from Justin Bieber and Billie Eilish.

    2. A high school photo of Rachel Bilson and Rami Malek has everyone talking.

    3. It’s Trans Day of Visibility, and celebrities are speaking out about it.

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