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    Listen: David Dobrik And His Vlog Squad Have Been Problematic For A While

    “He would constantly make fat-phobic jokes about his friends who are fat. There would also be a lot of slut-shaming of his female friends. It really runs the gamut.”

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    On today's episode:

    1. We need to talk about what’s going on with David Dobrik and his vlog squad. Last week a woman featured in one of his videos came forward and claimed she was assaulted during filming, as initially reported by Business Insider.

    Since then Dobrik has issued not one, but two apologies. The second was posted just this morning after he continued to be dropped by sponsors following his first attempt. Joining us today to talk about this is BuzzFeed writer and Supervising Producer, Nina Mohan.

    Listen to hear Nina break down the Vlog Squad’s past controversies.

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    2. The Avengers apparently didn’t get paid, and it sparked a debate on Twitter.

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    3. Kylie Jenner responded to backlash after asking fans to donate to a makeup artist’s GoFundMe.

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