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    Apparently, The Avengers Don't Get Paid, And It's Sparked A Debate On Marvel Twitter

    I have a lot of questions and I'm too afraid to ask.

    Warning: Spoilers ahead!!

    The first episode of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier dropped on Disney+ this weekend, and there's so much to unpack already!!

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    The miniseries follows Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes working as a team without Captain America after the events of Avengers: Endgame.

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    Apparently, even superheroes have financial woes to deal with. In the first episode, Sam learns that his family's fishing business back home is struggling. However, he apparently lacks the means to help his family out financially and even gets rejected for a bank loan:

    the bank says they can't approve Sam for a loan
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    The guy at the bank also inquires about how exactly the Avengers make their money. And whew, this opens a WHOLE can of confusing worms:

    The banker asks if Tony Stark paid the Avengers or if there's a heroes fund and Sam says, "It doesn't really work like that"
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    Wait, so if Tony Stark didn't pay the DOES it work, Sam??

    meme of a woman confused by math with equations floating around her head
    Rede Globo

    A lot of people were really confused. Naturally, many questioned why Tony Stark, the richest dude on the planet, couldn't have coughed up some cash to pay his team:

    The fact that the Avengers didn’t even get paid for saving the world I’m- #FalconAndWinterSoldier

    This is what Tony Stark paid the Avengers

    Twitter: @XTheExiled

    Can't believe all the Avengers were unpaid interns. Smh Tony Stark remains a villain even in death. 😔

    Twitter: @yayforzig

    @BlessingJr Nick Fury and Tony Stark anytime they overheard an Avenger talking about their financial problems

    Twitter: @ForgetPat

    tony stark a real billionaire bc none of his co-workers ever got paid

    Twitter: @putinaspliff
    Twitter: @alex_abads

    wait they don't pay the avengers??? not even a 401k???? I--

    Twitter: @megsauce

    Bro Tony Stark had the avengers in a 360 deal LMFAOOOOOO

    Twitter: @CouldBeNick15

    Some fans, however, came to Stark's defense:

    WHY are people acting like it was Tony Stark’s job to pay the avengers? They didn’t work for him. He wasn’t even in charge of the team. He built them all tech, built them the avengers compound and hosted them for free. Blame SHIELD or something instead smh

    The MCU Stans are trying to cancel Tony Stark because he didn't pay the members of the Avengers even though.. 1. He wasn't the leader, Cap was 2. He literally gave them all a home in a massive complex at Avengers HQ 3. He designs and builds their tech and weapon's.

    Twitter: @REDACTEDSpider

    Tony Stark built technology for the avengers, gave them a home, and also treated them like family. There should not be any hate coming at Tony, saying how he should have paid them, when really that’s the government’s fault. This scene says it all 👇

    Twitter: @_agnesisthebest

    Sam Wilson was dead for 5 years. Tony Stark died the day Sam Wilson came back to life. How in the world are Sam’s financial problems caused by Tony?

    Twitter: @Vaughanilla_Ice

    Organizations Tony Stark personally funded: - Maria Stark Foundation - September Foundation - Stark Relief Fund - the Avengers when the team was still together. Personally built their tech, gave them a home, built them the Compound, paid for Avengers-related battle damages

    Twitter: @pineapplebreads
    Twitter: @vandynes_

    Others said viewers missed the point of the bank scene and that it was meant to highlight the systemic racism Sam faces even as an Avenger:

    pause pause pause... the bank scene was about systemic racism and how even though sam is literally out here saving lives, he's still a black man in america who experiences racism. and you all decided you want to make it about TONY STARK to the point that he was TRENDING????

    Twitter: @starkslovemail

    Soooo, there's obviously a ton to unpack here and I'm honestly still quite confused about this whole thing.

    Michael from "The Office": "Why don't you explain this to me like I'm five"

    Please proceed to argue about this whole debate in the comments. I'll be here trying to understand what the heck is going on!


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