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10 Binge-Worthy Shows That Prove Canadian Netflix Isn't That Bad

Because it's cold AF and leaving the house isn't an option.

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1. The Musketeers


Seasons to binge: 2

BBC makes good period dramsa — and The Musketeers is no exception. The show is based on Alexandre Dumas' historical novel and is set in 17th century France. The costumes are sumptuous and the storyline takes viewers on a wild adventure.

2. Wentworth


Seasons to binge: 3

The show hails from Australia, and it's a great bet if you're looking to fill the Orange Is The New Black void. It's a bit darker, a lot moodier, and totally addictive.

3. Call The Midwife


Seasons to binge: 3

OK, so yes — there are some graphic scenes BUT it's so worth it. This delightful BBC drama is set in the 1950s and follows a group of midwives as they save lives and help empower women. All while delivering babies.


4. Mr. Selfridge


Seasons to binge: 3

Jeremy Piven is electric as Mr. Selfridge, a self-made department store tycoon. He plays an American living in London in the 1910s, seeking to add legitimacy to his entrepreneurial enterprise. Throw in class struggles, adultery, and early 20th century politics and there's no shortage of drama at Selfridge's.

5. The Fall


Season to binge: 2

Scully and Christian Grey! So you know that the odd combo is enough reason to watch right there.

Gillian Anderson and Jamie Dornan star in this cat-and-mouse detective series. Dornan's serial killer character will make your skin crawl and Anderson is a detached cop who just might be icy enough to stop the killer in his tracks.

6. Ripper Street


Seasons to binge: 3

In the wake of the infamous "Jack The Ripper" killings, detectives are once again called to the scenes of brutal homicides in London's East End. Is Jack back or is someone else responsible for the senseless slayings?

7. Dancing On The Edge


Seasons to binge: 1

This period-drama follows the rise-to-fame of an all-black jazz band in 1930s London. Class dynamics and racial tensions erupt in a tragedy that threatens the band's success. While the storyline is enough to keep viewers riveted, the incredible music and gorgeous costumes throughout will definitely pull you in.

8. Archer


Seasons to binge: 6

This isn't your four-year-old's cartoon. Sterling Archer is a self-centered spy working in New York City, embroiled in espionage and strained family politics. Come for the attractive animation, stay for the twisted story.

9. Murdoch Mysteries


Seasons to binge: 4

It's like CSI in the early 20th century. Detective William Murdoch is WAY ahead of his time in this Canadian detective drama. He sleuths out murderers and criminals with state-of-the-art (at least for the 1900s) technology and sheer acumen. PLUS, there's an incredible love story between Murdoch and the city's pathologist.

10. Rectify


Seasons to binge: 3

All caught up on Making A Murderer? This fictional story of wrongful imprisonment examines what happens when someone who's spent the majority of his adult life in prison, gets out, and is left to live in a world he hardly knows anymore.