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17 Very Real Struggles For Everyone Who Grew Up Quiet

“I’m sorry, could you speak up? I can’t hear you."

1. Your parents often worried that there was something "wrong" with you.


Shouldn't they have been thankful you were so quiet?!

2. And peers who didn't know you thought you were stuck-up.

Fox / Via

Silently judging and being snobby are not always the same thing.

3. Teachers would tell your parents they didn't think you were "socially engaged" enough.

E! / Via

Is it graded?

4. And they also thought you had no idea what was going on in class.

Paramount / Via

"I prefer listening over speaking, thanks."

5. You were usually the last person to be picked for a team in gym class.

Disney / Via

Because they didn't even know you were there.

6. And a lot of other kids assumed you were boring.

NBC / Via

Frankly, you were probably the most interesting person.

7. You dreaded the moment your teacher said "break into groups."

MTV / Via


8. And you prayed your teacher wouldn't call you out because they "hadn't heard from you in a while." / Via Buena Vista Pictures

"Please don't look my way!"

9. But then, if you did contribute, you pretty much died when they said "speak up!"

BBC / Via

Your problem, not mine.

10. Meanwhile, your report cards always had a note that said you needed "to participate more in class."

HBO / Via

Apparently just being a good student isn't enough.

11. People constantly worried if you were "OK"...

Paramount / Via

"Thanks for caring, but we're actually all good here."

12. ...or asked, "Are you mad?"

Bravo / Via

"Not until you asked me, anyway."

13. Adults would say how "shocked" they were when they heard you talk.

NBC / Via

"What's more shocking is that you're making a big deal of this."

14. You feared you'd spit out gobbledygook the moment you actually decided to talk.

Universal / Via

"Don't overthink it, don't overthink it..."

15. And it killed you to wait for the perfect moment to make a clever remark.

Disney / Via

"Wait for it..."

16. Yet it annoyed the heck out of you when people talked at THE most inappropriate times.

Fox Searchlight / Via

Some things are just better left unsaid.

17. And finally, you constantly got sarcastic remarks about how you "talk too much."

Gramercy Pictures / Via


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