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    21 Funny, Classic Tweets That Will Make You Say, "These Are Funny As Fuuuck"

    "Ok, lettuce head."

    1. This saucy aisle:

    2. This cheesy dilemma:

    3. This str8 jokester:

    4. This hopeful child:

    5. This Uber XL:

    6. This James Bonds sequel:

    7. This sexy horror story:

    8. This Pantene ad:

    9. This perfect boyfriend:

    10. This holy crush:

    11. This scientific encounter:

    Bill Nye just walked into our elevator while I was snap chatting..

    12. This blast from the past:

    13. This next name in rap:

    14. This ridiculous spelling:

    15. These words of advice:

    Popeyes $5 box is unhealthy!! Take care of your body!!!!

    16. This scream for help:

    17. This questionable sticker:

    18. This unspoken language:

    19. This lettuce head:

    20. This reference to the "greatest" bad film, The Room:

    21. And finally, this trash that's prettier than I'll ever be: