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People Are Sharing Horror Movies They Hated That Had One Thing They Liked, And The Examples Are Great

"Ghost Ship has an amazing intro."

If you're a fan of horror movies, you've probably seen your fair share of the good, the bad, AND the ugly.

However, sometimes you see a horror movie that you'd personally classify as "bad," but you still find something about it that you really liked. So when Reddit user u/Ok-Zone-2572 asked the r/horror community to "say something sincerely nice about a horror movie you didn't like," they came back with refreshingly honest responses. And tbh, some good examples were given:

1. "Michael Parks's performance in Tusk is good."

2. "The Jason Takes Manhattan scene when he punches the guy's head off. Love it."

3. "If there's anything to appreciate in the last few Friday movies, it's the over-the-top kills and Kane Hodder. That kill in Manhattan and him crashing into the boom box are just A+."

4. "Ghost Ship has an amazing intro."

5. "The Void has good visuals."

6. "The music in Sinister is absolutely amazing. It really adds to the terror throughout."

7. "It Chapter Two is very flawed, but THE CASTING WAS SO GOOD and so fucking accurate."

8. "I really hated the Blair Witch sequel (2016), but the claustrophobia in a specific scene is fucking tense; I wish the whole movie was that good."

9. "I thought that the cats playing Church in the Pet Sematary remake were adorable."

10. "'Because you were home' from The Strangers is a really great line."

11. "Cillian Murphy is really good in A Quiet Place Part II."

12. "Brad Dourif kicked ass in the Halloween remakes. He gives a strong performance in both films, and I thoroughly enjoyed his portrayal of Sheriff Brackett."

13. "Art the Clown in The Terrifier is a great-looking character that is portrayed fantastically by David Howard Thornton."

14. "I love the use of color in Crimson Peak. It feels decadent and yet also gloomy, totally befitting its gothic vibes. I think, visually, Guillermo Del Toro can create such incredible things."

15. "Halloween: Resurrection. The idea about a staged spooky-house livestream gone wrong is pretty cool, especially for 2002."

16. "Rubber's exploding-bunny scene is hilarious, and its concept is pretty original."

17. "Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga are perfectly cast as the Warrens in The Conjuring series."

18. "Us had cool costume design, and Lupita Nyong'o killed it performance-wise."

19. "As Above, So Below had some amazing visuals and great slow-burn scares."

20. "I Know What You Did Last Summer has ended up being a weirdly perfect time capsule of the late '90s. Baggy knit sweaters, spiky hair, puka shell necklaces, popularity contests being a big deal, and, most crucially, Jennifer Love Hewitt at her absolute peak."

21. "I can't watch The Mist because it makes me physically sick, but it's really well written, the actors are great, and the ending is so messed up, but so perfect."

22. "The final images from The VVitch are stunning."

23. And finally, "The Houses October Built is a great title."

Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.

What are some things you liked about horror movies that you otherwise disliked? Sound off in the comments below!