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25 Real AF Period Struggles Everyone With A Vagina Has Had

Sitting up in the morning and feeling the GUSH of blood into your underwear.

1. Having to clean the toilet seat of blood.

2. And then finding old period blood UNDER the toilet seat after you clean it...

3. ...or even on the floor!!

4. Getting a bloodstain on your freshly washed sheets.

5. Sitting up in the morning and feeling the GUSH of blood into your underwear.

6. Having to double up your pads to try and prevent spillage at night.

7. The unexpected clot that makes you wonder if you’re fuckin’ DYING.

8. Period diarrhea at work/in public.

9. Putting in a tampon and still having bloodstains because it was so bloody.

10. Blood dripping down your hands after taking out a tampon.

11. The sweating that comes along with cramps.

12. Dropping your tampon on the floor and not having a backup.

13. Accidentally opening the “applicator” side of the wrap and thinking, “damnit!”

14. The pad sticking too strongly to your underwear.

15. The pad sticking to your pubes and/or leg.

16. Blood seeping through your sheets onto the mattress.

17. Discovering there’s no trash can in a public bathroom stall for your tampon/pad.

18. Trying to change your cup in a public restroom on a particularly heavy day...OR TRYING TO CHANGE YOUR CUP, PERIOD.

19. Especially in a restroom that you share with anyone else!

20. Trying to figure out origami in order to fit the damn cup in your vagina.

21. Willing your body to please just poop when you’re in the midst of period constipation!

22. The way you walk when a tampon isn’t inserted quite right…

23. ...and the sheer pain of taking out a dry tampon.

24. Feeling like you’re leaking blood and being paranoid you’re staining your seat.

25. And finally, the small funeral you hold when another pair of your underwear becomes your designated period panties