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    15 Images Of People Being So Perfectly Lazy You’ll Say “OMG, Goals!”

    ::Lies in bed while reading post.::

    1. This genius idea for keeping an eye on the oven:

    2. This brilliant AF way to save your arm muscles:

    3. This hack that covers a plate in cellophane to avoid doing dishes:

    4. This ~fancy~ frozen dinner:

    5. This couple who has it all figured out:

    6. This genius way to save your neck:

    7. This clever way of getting ~someone else~ to turn the lights off for you:

    8. This easy way to stay hydrated in the sun:

    9. This alternate use for a shaving razor holder:

    10. This inspired use of an over-the-door shoe rack:

    11. This easy way to take out the garbage:

    12. This LITERAL BED that come out of a trunk (so you can lie down anywhere!):

    13. This super extra way to take a nap on the job:

    14. And finally, THESE TWO and their perfect lazy day...

    15. ...and night. ::Crying with jealousy::