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    There's A Theory That Pennywise And Mary Poppins Are From The Same Species And It Surprisingly Checks Out

    They both ~lure~ away a child named GEORGIE from their siblings...

    Recently, Reddit user HumanoidMold5 posited the theory that Pennywise and Mary Poppins are "members of the same species." And YES, it sounds completely absurd, but honestly? It kinda checks out.


    1. Each returns every twentysomething years — Pennywise 27 and Mary Poppins 25.

    2. And they return to "regenerate" energy from a new group of children.

    3. But they also have a tendency to return to the kids (now adults) from the last time they visited.

    4. They both ~lure~ a child named GEORGIE away from their siblings...

    5. particular, with a paper toy.

    6. They both have the power to use what's in the children's minds.

    7. The parents in both stories are oblivious to the "fantastical situations" their kids are experiencing.

    8. In both stories, the grown-up versions of the kids forget their experiences.

    9. Both Mary Poppins and Pennywise have a penchant for singing and dancing.

    10. And finally, at the end of Mary Poppins Returns, all the characters go FLOATING OFF with balloons...and you know who loves to FLOAT!!

    So, there you have it. Mary Poppins and Pennywise may very well indeed be part of the same magical, child-energy-using, balloon-loving species.

    To read HumanoidMold5's theory in full (including some arguments I thought were a bit, like...huh? LOL) check it out on Reddit.