9 MCU Characters That Did Not Originate In The Comics, And Why People Think They're The Best

    Honestly, could use more original characters.

    The MCU — or Marvel Cinematic Universe, if you're new — is filled with so many freakin' characters that, if I'm being honest, it's a little hard to keep up with who's who.

    all the Marvel characters running towards enemies

    And it's even HARDER to know who is and who isn't a character from the comics unless you're an uber fan. (YES, there are many characters in the MCU who are original to the films.)

    two of the characters fighting

    Part of the reason it's hard to decipher who's a comic book character and who isn't is that, oftentimes, the original characters are written so dang well. So when Reddit user u/Kruger-Dunning posed the question, "Who is the best original MCU character that doesn't appear in the comics?" to the r/marvelstudios community, they came back with some great responses. Here are the top-voted ones:

    1. Phil Coulson (portrayed by Clark Gregg)

    close up of Phil Coulson

    First appearance: Iron Man (2008)

    Phil standing next to Pepper Pots

    What people are saying:

    "In the comics, you basically have Nick Fury, Maria Hill, a bunch of superpowered people/super spies, one-dimensional gimmicky people. You don't really have a likable everyman, definite improvement to make Shield more relatable."


    "He's actually the most developed MCU character period thanks to Agents of Shield."


    Watch this fun video of some of Coulson's best moments:

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    Marvel / miaffx / Via youtube.com

    2. Coach Wilson (portrayed by Hannibal Buress)

    Coach Wilson in his office

    First appearance: Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017)

    Coach Wilson in the hallway

    What people are saying:

    "I love how even though he has, like, three scenes total you can totally tell he’s, like, this satire of someone totally controlled by misinformation haha."


    "Him taking a selfie in Venice while scared about the camera falling in the river and then it falling from his hands anyway sums up the comedic style of the trilogy."


    Watch Coach Wilson's hilarious gym scene from Spider-Man Homecoming here:

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    Marvel / Your Friendly N. Spidey / Via youtube.com

    3. Michelle Jones-Watson (portrayed by Zendaya)

    Michelle and Spider-Man on a rooftop

    First appearance: Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017)

    Michelle reading in the school cafeteria

    What people are saying:

    "I prefer Michelle over any of the Mary Janes. I think she's a great match for Tom Holland's Spider-Man."


    "She has great chemistry with Tom Holland and fits the MCU a lot better than the original Mary Jane."


    "She turns a lot of the Spider-Man girlfriend tropes on their head, is a good source of comic relief, and makes Peter Parker way more relatable."


    Watch this cute compilation of Peter and MJ being adorable:

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    Marvel / Spellbooked / Via youtube.com

    4. Luis (portayed by Michael Peña)

    close up of Luis

    First appearance: Ant-Man (2015)

    close up Luis

    What people are saying:

    "I would love a Disney Plus short series where Luis explains each MCU movie. Nothing long, just short like 3–5 minutes or so."

    Watch this scene of Luis doing some of his epic storytelling in Ant-Man:

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    Marvel / Cinephile by Night / Via youtube.com

    5. Darcy Lewis (portrayed by Kat Dennings)

    Darcy driving a large truck

    First appearance: Thor (2011)

    close up of Darcy

    What people are saying:

    "I wanna see her and Katy Chen get together and just destroy some villain by pure killer insults."


    "Darcy is my favorite, she's so fun. I want a series where she and Jimmy Woo solve superhero mysteries together. Jimmy would be actually investigating it and Darcy would somehow accidentally get involved and help save the day. And they'd get a dog."


    Watch this video of Darcy tasering Thor the first time she meets him:

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    Marvel / Fandom / Via youtube.com

    6. Ray Nadeem (portrayed by Jay Ali)

    Ray Nadeem in an FBI jacket

    First appearance: Daredevil (Season 3, Episode 1)

    close up of Ray

    What people are saying:

    "Ray Nadeem is sooo underrated."


    "His growth and character arc were so good. I loved him and the actor did a great performance — easily one of my favorite characters, superheroes included. Surprises me that a normal FBI agent was more interesting than the likes of someone like Yelena, Echo, Kate Bishop, Monica Rambeau, etc."


    Watch this intense scene when Daredevil first meet Nadeem:

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    Marvel / Awesome clips / Via youtube.com

    7. Darryl Jacobson aka Thor's roommate (portrayed by Daley Pearson)

    close up of Darryl

    First appearance: Team Thor: Part 1 (short film)

    Darryl sitting on a couch while Thor is in a chair next to him

    What people are saying:

    "I love him! I heard they’re doing a Darryl and Korg short, but I don’t know how true that is."

    Watch part one of Team Thor with Darryl here:

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    Marvel UK / Via youtube.com

    8. Erik Selvig (portrayed by Stellan Skarsgård)

    Erik in front of a chalkboard holding up two pencils

    First appearance: Thor (2011)

    Erik in a book store

    What people are saying:

    "I love Skarsgård so hopefully he will be back."


    Watch this deleted scene of Selvig and Thor having fun drinking together:

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    Marvel / Mehmet Karaaslan / Via youtube.com

    9. Finally, Grant Ward (portrayed by Brett Dalton)

    Grant sitting in a high-tech chair

    First appearance: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (Season 1, Episode 1)

    Grant looking back while walking down the street

    What people are saying:

    "Ward is tied for the best MCU original character."


    "This might be a crazy hot take, but besides Fisk, Ward is the greatest villain in the MCU."


    Watch this evolution of Grant Ward to get a taste:

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    Marvel / toastyin / Via youtube.com

    What do you think? Is there an original MCU character you'd add to this list? Sound off in the comments below!