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23 Images That Get Better The Longer You Look At Them

Wait for it...

1. This vengeful pooch:

2. This celeb encounter:

3. This bite out of life:

4. This reflection on the past:

5. This 12th member of the clique:

6. This very good boy:

7. And this baa-d boy:

8. This epic side-eye:

9. This couch BUM:

10. This cat who's just hangin' around:

11. This photoshop fail:

12. This self-love:

13. This trip down memory lane:

14. This picture perfect moment:

15. This selfie-ish person:

16. This cry for help:

17. This wild view:

18. This steamy pic:

19. This three (maybe four) handed model:

20. This peeping tomcat:

21. This festive face:

22. This unfortunately timed blink:

23. And finally, this bride-to-be: