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22 "Home Alone" Details That Are Both Funny And Interesting

The breaking grocery bags gag was achieved with strings.

1. There's a lot of setup in the beginning of the movie for Kevin's traps later on. For example, Mr. McCallister tells Kevin to pick up his Micro Machines because "Aunt Leslie stepped on one and almost broke her neck." Which, of course, is exactly what happened to Harry and Marv later in the movie.

Kevin's Dad telling him to pick up his toys, and then Marv and Harry slipping on the toys later in the foyer of the house
20th Century Fox

"Thanks for the great idea, Dad!" —Kevin, probably.

2. Kevin's mom then tells his dad that Kevin was "in the garage again playing with the glue gun," which is a setup for the glue gun Kevin uses later in the movie to cover plastic wrap with.

Kevin looking scared, using the glue gun to put glue on plastic wrap, then Harry walking into that glue-covered plastic wrap
20th Century Fox

How many times has Kevin been caught using the glue gun before this?!

3. Kevin explains he was just "making ornaments out of fishhooks." Later, we see Kevin place those ornaments on the floor under a window where, of course, poor Marv steps onto

Kevin explaining himself, then setting up ornaments on the floor under a window, and Marv entering that window later, about to step on the ornaments
20th Century Fox

Maybe not so "poor" Marv because, ya know, the guy is breaking into a home to terrorize a young kid, after all. I still grimaced, though.

4. Apparently, everybody expects Kevin to burn the house down. When Kevin's dad reprimands him for using the glue gun, Kevin responds, "Did I burn down the joint? I don't think so." And at the end of the movie, when his family returns, Buzz tells Kevin, "It's pretty cool that you didn't burn the place down." LOL.

Kevin talking to his parents, then Buzz talking to Kevin
20th Century Fox

In their defense, Kevin did play with a lot of fire (and things that could cause a fire) when setting up the traps for Harry and Marv. 🤷🏻‍♀️

5. Kevin's plane ticket and passport get accidentally thrown out after the spilled milk incident, which explains why no one initially notices Kevin isn't on the flight.

Kevin's plane ticket wrapped up in a napkin and sitting in a garbage can
20th Century Fox

This is kind of a famous blink-and-you'll-miss-it detail, but I wanted to mention it in case you didn't know!

6. There's a dummy of Uncle Frank sitting all alone and doing nothing in the background here.

Joe Pesci disguised as a cop talking to one of the McAllister kids and a bald man sitting far in the background
20th Century Fox

It is possible that it's not a dummy, but the figure NEVER MOVES AN INCH during this scene. Also, Uncle Frank is supposedly watching a movie with the older kids at this time (remember, Kevin isn't allowed to watch?!) — and he's clearly not doing that here. Not to mention, Uncle Frank comes down from upstairs just a few moments later when the pizza arrives.

7. It's a little hard to tell, but in order to make his ~trick~ on the Little Nero's pizza delivery guy more effective, you can see that Kevin hauled MASSIVE speakers into the kitchen.

Kevin playing the movie Angels with Dirty Faces, blasting the sound through massive speakers
20th Century Fox

The speakers are SO BIG (and just dark rectangles) that I've never really noticed them until recently!

8. The red Christmas bow that goes flying off during the storm ~magically~ reappears back on the lamp post a few seconds later.

Image of a Christmas bow flying off a light post and then showing back up on the light post a minute later
20th Century Fox

However, it is missing for the rest of the movie after that. So I'll give this tiny continuity error a pass. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

9. Just like Kevin's dad said, the garage door is in fact left open, but WEIRDLY the cars aren’t even pulled all the way into the garage.

Kevin's dad saying, "That's it, I forgot to close the garage," and an image of the cars hanging out of the garage at home.
20th Century Fox

This was most likely done on purpose by production for lighting reasons, but it's still funny to notice.

10. Kevin can't find his toothbrush because his mom packed it away for their trip.

Kevin's siblings telling him his mom will pack his suitcase and then Kevin saying he can't find his toothbrush
20th Century Fox

So the whole accidental and dramatic theft of the toothbrush ("I'm a criminal...") happened all because Kevin doesn't know how to pack a suitcase.

11. The "robe" Kevin uses to disguise himself with in the nativity display is actually just a curtain from the display...

A green curtain hangs on a nativity display outside a church and in the next shot Kevin is using the robe to hide himself
20th Century Fox

Nice setup, Chris Columbus.

12. …and someone at the church apparently fixes it, because it's hanging back up again when Kevin returns later on.

A nativity outside the church where the green curtain is hanging back up again
20th Century Fox

13. Kevin cut out the basketball from the Michael Jordan poster in Buzz's room and had to stitch Jordan's arm together with tape...

A poster of Michael Jordan holding a basketball in Buzz's bedroom and that same poster, cut out attached to a train and not holding a basketball
20th Century Fox

14. ...although ~magically~ the poster appears altogether again, basketball and all, in Buzz's room later in the movie.

The Michael Jordan poster in Buzz's bedroom again
20th Century Fox

It looks like MAYBE Kevin taped it back together.

15. Several of the mannequins Kevin uses for his makeshift ~party~ can be seen in the basement earlier in the movie.

Clothing mannequins in a basement, and then also dressed up and tied to string to make it look like people having a party
20th Century Fox

16. You can see what looks like tiny rocks (or maybe grains of salt?!) being tossed at the spider to make it move in the bathroom.

20th Century Fox

That poor spider's prob like, "WTF?!"

17. When Kevin's grocery bags break, the large container of Tide detergent is missing.

Kevin buying groceries, then the bags breaking on the street
20th Century Fox

It's either a continuity error, or the detergent was too big to fit in the bags for the gag. Either way, I didn't notice this until several viewings later!

18. And in case you've always wondered, the bags breaking gag was achieved with string, which you can see if you look closely enough.

Kevin carrying overloaded bags of groceries home
20th Century Fox


19. It's not easy to hear, but if you listen, the basement furnace actually says, "Hello Kevin."

A scary looking furnace in the basement saying, "Hello, Kevin!"
20th Century Fox

In fairness, this is in Kevin's imagination, but it's still funny and random.

20. Kevin's mac 'n' cheese dinner appears to be a totally different frozen dinner moments later when Harry enters the dining room.

Kevin about to eat a mac and cheese dinner, a frozen dinner meal that has different food instead of the mac and cheese
20th Century Fox

The prop department, probably: "No one will notice."

21. If you're wondering why there's a doggy door in the house, but no dog ever appears in the movie, it's because the McAllisters put the dog in a kennel for the trip.

The mom saying "No, we're not bringing the dog, we're putting it in the kennel," and Marv sticking his head through the kitchen doggy door.
20th Century Fox

Although, I'd like to know what kind of dog they had?

22. And finally...apparently, Harry is married.

Harry lying on the ground, but you can see his wedding ring
20th Century Fox

Well, well, well...