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    Posted on Feb 16, 2016

    19 Moments Anyone Who Has Shopped At Ikea Has Had

    "It's FINE — that's the level of passion that a rug warrants."

    1. You usually start a trip to Ikea feeling more confident than you should.


    Even against the wise advice of others.

    2. But when you see that bright yellow sign approaching, you begin to question yourself. anarchyinthejp

    "Wait... What am I doing here again?"

    3. You get inside and all of a sudden your old, traumatic memories come flooding back.

    Instagram: @mrbenii

    :: breaks into cold sweat ::

    4. You think to yourself, "Oh yeah, this is the seventh circle of hell."


    People are the worst.

    5. Even though there are actual maps, you always feel totally lost.

    Instagram: @_notmyname99

    It's like the walls are constantly moving.

    6. Getting in touch with the outside world is near impossible.


    "Guess I won't be looking up that chair I saw online earlier."

    7. And if you're actually able to get ahold of someone, they have no idea what you're saying anyway.

    8. You very quickly lose enthusiasm for anything named BILLY, LACK, EKTORP, etc.


    "Can we go now?"

    9. And if you made the mistake of shopping with a loved one at Ikea, you get THIS CLOSE to ending them when they don't approve of your choices.


    "Not feeling you, that's for sure."

    10. In fact, you've probably left Ikea pissed off more times than you've left it happy.


    No amount of cinnamon buns can cure that level of anger.

    11. At some point you have to just lie down and decompress.

    Instagram: @shannapinsker

    If that's even possible.

    12. And in that time you wonder, "Who the hell actually likes coming here?!"

    Fox Searchlight

    Dear 500 Days of Summer, there is nothing romantic about Poang chairs.

    13. You find the self-serve area so overwhelming that it reminds you of the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark. interludephotographyky
    Paramount Pictures

    Minus the thrilling adventure, fun, and Indiana, basically, it's awful.

    14. You immediately regret your decision to buy build-it-yourself furniture when you realize how friggin' huge and heavy it is. erinmallea

    "LOL, this isn't going to end well."

    15. And it feels like 9 times out of 10, the one item you actually came for is out of stock.

    16. You die a little inside when you realize the checkout line is so long, you can't even see the front of it.

    Instagram: @losclintos

    "BRB, gonna go cry over by that Hemnes bed."

    17. Which is only marginally better than when you have to deal with the disaster outside in the parking lot/pickup area. sweetpotatocake

    "’Cause you know, CAN'T TAKE THE TROLLEY TO MY CAR."

    18. No matter how dire the situation, you're always determined to get your purchases home in one trip...

    Twitter: @ewade4


    19. ...because you sure as hell do not plan on coming back to this Swedish nightmare anytime soon.


    Until you need a new lamp, anyway.

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