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    Here's Who We Want To See Play The Older Versions Of The Kids From "IT"

    You'll float TWO.

    If you're any one of the record-breaking audience members that went to see IT this past weekend, then you know A) how great the movie was and B) that the story is only halfway done.

    So, while we wait for the filmmakers to announce casting for the second half of the IT story, here's who we'd love to see as the older versions of the Losers' Club.

    William "Bill" Denbrough (played by Jake Gyllenhaal as an adult):

    Beverly "Bev" Marsh (played by Amy Adams as an adult):

    Benjamin "Ben" Hanscom (played by Jerry O'Connell as an adult):

    Richard "Richie" Tozier (played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt as an adult).

    Michael "Mike" Hanlon (played by David Oyelowo as an adult):

    Edward "Eddie" Kaspbrak (played by Adam Scott as an adult):

    And finally, Stanley "Stan" Uris (played by Zach Braff as an adult):

    Guess we'll just have to wait and see who's ACTUALLY cast in the next chapter of IT!

    Who do you think should be cast as the older versions of the Losers' Club? Share your thoughts in the comments below!