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16 Adorable Gifts For Every Princess Leia Fan

"Will someone get this big walking carpet out of my way?"

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8. This handmade Leia bookmark (complete with blaster!):

Etsy / Via

Why it's adorable: Not only is this item a fun way to remind yourself where you left off, it's also a great reminder of Princess Leia's badassdom.

Find it here for $17.00.

11. This hooded towel for slightly older Leia fans:

Etsy / Via

Why it's adorable: Leia fans definitely come in all ages and sizes, and this is the perfect gift for that lil' one who wants to add some sass to bath time.

Find it here for $25.00.

13. This empowering messenger bag:

Etsy / Via

Why it's adorable: It's a reminder that not all princesses need someone else to rescue them from a tough situation. "Into the garbage chute, flyboy!"

Find it here for $30.00.

15. This Art Nouveau inspired print:

Etsy / Via

Why it's adorable: The detail alone makes this a beautifully unique piece, but it's also the perfect item for more artistically inclined Leia fans.

Find it here for $45.00.

16. This ideally paired throw pillow duo:

Etsy / Via

Why it's adorable: You can add a new level of romance to your home decor with these silhouette pillows that contain those classic love lines.

Find it here for $49.99.