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21 Things Anyone Who’s Ever Been To In-N-Out Will Understand

Give it to me animal style.

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1. You start to salivate every time you catch a glimpse of that golden arrow.

Liza Lagman Sperl / Via Flickr: kodamakitty

2. And you often find yourself daydreaming about your favorite place on Earth.

3. You're always willing to brave the epic lines because your craving is just too powerful.

Kyle Corley / Via

Yes, all these cars are actually waiting.

4. The simple menu is permanently ingrained into your memory...

5. ...and you know that the so-called secret menu has never actually been a secret for you.

6. Depending on your mood, you sometimes go for the basics...

7. ...but other times you like to bring out your inner animal.

8. You always make sure that no fry gets left behind.

9. Even if you just ate your weight in meat.

10. You know that there are options if you're feeling "healthy."

11. But then you chase it with a Neapolitan shake and it doesn’t matter anyway.

12. You can't resist telling your friends how good you have it.

13. In fact, you're so obsessed with In-N-Out that it actually begins to invade your wardrobe, too.

14. You make sure to get some extra spread, because it makes all other foods taste edible.

15. You know In-N-Out is the only thing that can get you through a long road trip.

16. And that it's always waiting to greet you after a long flight.

17. You consider it to be the perfect meal for a special event...

18. ...especially if you have someone to share that meal with.

19. You know In-N-Out is so good that its appreciation has gone beyond humans.

20. And you can't wait to share that love with future generations. qwhiskeypete

21. Because...