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    This Viral Photo Of George Lucas Holding Baby Yoda Is Making People Very Emotional

    "No, I am your father."

    In case you missed it, Jon Favreau (creator of The Mandalorian on Disney+) shared the greatest photo in recent Star Wars history last night — George Lucas holding Baby Yoda:

    Twitter: @Jon_Favreau

    Favreau didn't give any context around the photo in his captions on Twitter or Instagram, but it's pretty clear that the photo was taken when Lucas visited the set of The Mandalorian.

    I love that this is also like the most "dad" photo (being all blurry and stuff).

    Twitter: @Jon_Favreau

    Do you think Lucas screamed, "Ooooh, lemme hold BABY YODA!!!!" when he first laid eyes on it??? (Probably not, but I like to think he squeed maybe a little.)

    And, of course, the response from fans has been everything from pure joy...

    @Jon_Favreau This really feels like I’m witnessing something blessed, repaint the Sistine chapel with this image pls

    This is truly amazing because he looks as if he was looking at his new born child. This photo is legendary.

    @Jon_Favreau @PhilSzostak Too perfect. Thank you for sharing this Star Wars-related jokes...

    "no, *I* am your father"

    "Always two, there are. A master, and an apprentice."

    The Mandalorian -1 Sequels - 0

    ...and even appreciation for the happy as heck lookin' woman in the background (BECAUSE SAME).

    @Jon_Favreau Tag yourself. I’m the smiling through tears bystander.

    Get you a person who looks at you the way the person in the background wearing a jacket looks at George Lucas looking at Baby Yoda.



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