HBO Is Going All In For The "Game Of Thrones" Final Season And Spending An Obscene Amount Of Money

    Fine, as long as they bring back Ghost.

    When you think of Game of Thrones you probably think sex, fighting, and dragons, yes?

    Well, according to Variety, HBO will spend $15 million an episode for the sure-to-be-fucking-epic final season of Game of Thrones.

    For comparison, Game of Thrones cost ~only~ around $10 million per episode in the most recent seasons.

    Now, TO BE FAIR, it's also been reported by Vanity Fair that each of the six episodes set for Season 8 may actually be "movie-long" — basically, 80 minutes or longer.

    The only question I have left though is: Does this mean we'll get a little (no, A LOT) more DIREWOLF action in Season 8?