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    Frances McDormand's Tour Of Her Van From "Nomadland" Is Honestly So Pure

    "First name I thought of was Vanguard."

    In case you haven't seen it yet (what are you waiting for?!), you should know that Nomadland has been sweeping this awards season because it's THAT good.

    Frances McDormand as Fern in Nomadland standing in front of rock pinnacles at sunset
    Searchlight Pictures / Courtesy Everett Collection

    Seriously, the film just won Best Picture at the Golden Globes and Chloé Zhao made history winning Best Director...NBD!

    If you HAVE seen the movie, then you're probably familiar with Fern and her van — lovingly called, "Vanguard." And in this super cute video, Frances McDormand (Fern) gives us a little tour of Vanguard:

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    First, McDormand gives us a look at the clever, compact design required in a converted van.

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    "That becomes really, really valuable in cold weather, so you don't have to be cooking outside."

    And then she talks about some of the personal elements from her own life she brought to the movie, like her crafting...

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    ...and a set of vintage dishes McDormand's real-life father gave to her that was used as part of the film's storyline.

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    She explained, "My father, Vernon McDormand, when I graduated from college, he collected a whole set of these dishes from different yard sales and gave it to me as my college graduation gift. So, I thought that was something I could bring to the story that gave it more personal depth."

    The two-time Academy Award winning actor also goes on to talk about the importance of Vanguard, and the significance of the name, to the film's whole production team.

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    "Our company is made up of 23 people, we're really proud of the fact that we've taken the rules, bended them, never broken them, but remade them in our own way...we're the vanguard."

    Basically, the whole thing is super sweet and Frances McDormand continues to be a national treasure.

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