16 Scary Facts About The Real-Life Annabelle Doll That I Don't Recommend You Read Late At Night

    WARNING: Positively do not open!

    1. Unlike the scary-looking doll in The Conjuring Universe films, in real life Annabelle is a Raggedy Ann doll.

    2. And it's not kept in a giant glass case, but one made out of mostly wood.

    3. However, just like in the movie, there really is a warning message on the case...

    4. ...as well as a tarot devil card stuck to the front.

    5. If you visit the Warrens' Occult Museum, they might play creepy church-like music as you approach the eerily lit up doll.

    6. Decades ago, a museum visitor ignored the warnings and banged on the doll's box — it was reported he died in a motorcycle crash shortly after.

    7. A priest from Hartford once visited the Warrens' home and threw the doll across the room, proclaiming God was more powerful than the devil. On his way back to the rectory, he got into a serious accident with a tractor trailer.

    8. Circumambulation (prayers) is regularly done by a priest to bless the area in the room where the doll is kept.

    9. Lorraine Warren did not like staring at the doll because it had done a lot of "bad harm on a lot of people."

    10. Ed and Lorraine's daughter, Judy, said her parents told her to not give the doll recognition and to never look it in the eyes.

    11. Lorraine once said that the evil attached to Annabelle needs a body to go into.

    12. According to Tony Spera — Ed and Lorraine's son-in-law and protégé — “that doll" is what he'd be most frightened of in the Warrens' collection.

    13. The Warrens said that the doll was given as a birthday gift to a young student nurse, Donna, from her mother in 1970 — but it wasn't long after that she started noticing "strange" behavior in her apartment.

    14. However, Donna would still treat the doll like a little girl — in fact, you can see a little bracelet on its wrist to this day.

    15. The Warrens also said that Donna and her roommate actually contacted a medium to hold a seance.

    16. And finally, someone once offered Spera a million dollars to buy the real-life Annabelle doll.

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