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    18 Couples Who've Pretty Much Nailed This Whole Halloween Thing

    Let's just give all these people all the awards, okay?

    1. This couple's Brooklyn Nine-Nine costume that even Captain Holt would approve of...maybe, anyway.

    2. This couple's Target & Starbucks together that screams "we belong together!"

    3. This couple's Blue's Clues costume that's so adorably nostalgic it hurts.

    4. This couple's Instagram filter costume that would make you double tap.

    5. This ~couple's~ Lilo & Stitch costume that is just TOO. DAMN. CUTE.

    6. This couple's Bob Ross and one of his "happy little tree" paintings costume that's just so pure.

    7. This couple's "Em&M" (GET IT?!) costume that's just so ridiculous I love it.

    8. This couple's The Good Place costume that's both ~good~ and ~bad~.

    9. This couple's extra AF It costume that'll make you float, too!

    10. This couples Parks and Recreation costume that'll make you giggle.

    11. This couple's Prince and David Bowie costume that's shining down on us all from rock heaven.

    12. This couple's Mean Girls costume featuring the greatest people you will ever meet.

    13. This couple's Velma and Shaggy costume that'll make you shout, "Zoinks!"

    14. This couple's Pokémon costume that'll make you wish you could catch 'em all!

    15. This couple's Jurassic World costume that'll make you roar with laughter.

    16. This couple's "you’re the anticline to my syncline" that is for geology buffs only.

    17. This couple's Emoji faces costume that'll make you 😂 and 😍.

    18. And finally, this couple's Stranger Things costume that features a hot dog instead of a Demogorgon, but I'LL STILL TAKE IT.

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