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    Here’s Our Dream Cast For Nintendo Princesses

    Time to move aside Disney princesses, the royal 1Ups are here.

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    Clearly there’s no one more fit to reign over Hyrule than Dichen Lachman as Princess Zelda:

    Crystal Ro / BuzzFeed

    Her knowledge as leader of the Inhumans on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and vampires on Being Human makes her more than qualified.

    Natalie Dormer would be out of this world as Princess Rosalina:

    Crystal Ro / BuzzFeed

    And we know she has lots of experience being a queen on Game of Thrones.

    There is no one better to rule over the Twilight Realm than Winnie Harlow as Midna (aka the Twilight Princess):

    Crystal Ro / BuzzFeed

    Who else could pull off that fierce cloak/skirt combo?

    None other than Alison Brie could play the adorable Princess Daisy:

    Crystal Ro / BuzzFeed

    We can already hear her saying, “Hi, I’m Daisy!"

    Zoe Saldana would slay as Princess Ruto because she's basically royalty already:

    Crystal Ro / BuzzFeed

    Plus, she has a lot of practice being blue and green.

    And Amber Heard is picture perfect as Mario's beloved Princess Peach of Mushroom Kingdom:

    Crystal Ro / BuzzFeed

    Who could play her Mario?

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