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"Jeopardy!" Has A Canadian Host, But Won't Accept Canadian Contestants

How do we revoke Alex Trebek's citizenship?

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In January the game show Jeopardy! invited aspiring contestants to take an online quiz as the first step in applying to be on the show. Many Canadians with dreams of seeing fellow Canuck Alex Trebek up close went to take the test, only to be refused.

The show's FAQ for contestants now has an entry explaining that, "At this time we are precluded from accepting registration information from Canadian residents." So it's true — Canadians can't apply to be a Jeopardy! contestant.

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What the hell, Trebek? How could you do your fellow Canadians like that?

Trebek, a native of Sudbury, Ontario, did offer a bit of an explanation in a letter to the Ottawa Citizen. (It was in response to a column about the ban on Canucks.) He said Canadians aren't able to take the online test "since the show must now comply with news rules set down by the Canadian government."

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Media reports have pointed the finger at the country's 2014 anti-spam law, which regulates how companies and organizations can contact people over the internet.

But the show has not said which specific law it is concerned about. A spokesperson for the show's producers gave the National Post a statement that did not single out any particular legislation.

Regardless of the cause, news of the ban on Canadians spread quickly, crushing the hopes and dreams of many would-be contestants.

You could probably see the look of all my hopes and dreams being crushed on my face when I learned of Canadian ineligibility on Jeopardy.


There goes my childhood dream of appearing on #jeopardy #broken #dreams #canada #cp24

Jeopardy banning Canadian candidates is so disappointing... my favourite Gameshow I used to watch every night; my goal is to be on it! :/

The outrage was real, and sometimes expressed in the form of Jeopardy! categories.

Jeopardy is no longer taking Canadian players I'll take TRAITOR CANUCKS THAT SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF THEMSELVES, Alex.

To make matters worse, Americans used this an as opportunity to make a bunch of Ted Cruz jokes.

People born in Canada can't appear on Jeopardy, but CAN run for president. 😉


Conspiracy theories are beginning to take root. Like, maybe we're actually banned because Canadians are currently dominating all aspects of entertainment.

So a Canadian is tops at the Box Office , @justinbieber has the top two songs on the Billboard 100 but Canadians can't play on Jeopardy ?

Or because we're too smart.

Canada is known to have children that have better education and not allowing them on JEOPARDY! is stupid!

Some say it's time for us to ban Jeopardy! in retaliation.

@CTVNews I suggest we remove Jeopardy from cable services in Canada

Or to take even more severe measures against our southern neighbours.

"How did the war start Daddy?" "Canadians Left With Questions After Being Barred From 'Jeopardy!'"

Meanwhile, as Canadians are left to grapple with this rank injustice, the show keeps using us as material night after night.

trebek looks so sad bc no one knows canadian geography #Jeopardy

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