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    Six Theories About "The Falcon And The Winter Solider" That Seem Pretty Convincing

    The latest Marvel installment may not promise as many mysteries as others, but it still has fans theorizing about what's to come.

    Now that WandaVision has wrapped up its final episode of the season, Marvel is onto the next series in their TV chapter: The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

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    While TFATWS is less about "figuring things out," according to the show's creator, there are still some fun fan theories out there about the new show.

    Sam and Bucky on a pier in Louisiana
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    🚨 Safe to say there are some spoilers ahead, so proceed with caution! 🚨

    Here are a few of the best theories so far:

    1. Sam will wear the suit and shield.

    Sam Wilson holding the Captain America shield
    Disney+ / Chuck Zlotnick / ©Disney+/Marvel Studios / Courtesy Everett Collection

    This one feels pretty obvious; though we haven't actually seen Sam with the shield except for when he gives it back to the government to keep as a memorial to Steve. However, we do see him working with the shield in the trailer Disney+ released and the last time Steve was around — don't talk about it, I'm sad — he was giving the shield to Sam, effectively passing the torch.

    Hopefully, we'll see Sam accept this new role Steve wanted him to have and kick some butt as the new Captain America.

    2. Bucky and Sam will share the responsibility of the suit and shield.

    Bucky and Sam staring at each other
    Disney+ / Chuck Zlotnick / ©Disney+/Marvel Studios / Courtesy Everett Collection

    We all know Sam and Bucky aren't the best of friends. But the one thing they do share is their love for Steve. So while not many things could bring these two characters together in collaboration, defending Steve's honor and the wish he had for Captain America might be just the thing. While lots of people have theorized about who will become the next Captain America — Bucky or Sam — one sweet theory is that the two will share the responsibility together, forming a new Team Captain America.

    This is backed up in the trailer when we see Sam throw the shield and Bucky catch it. Now, I'm not saying these two are going to magically become best friends through this shared protection of Cap's legacy but I am saying it might be the best ending ever if they don't hate each other *quite* as much when the show wraps.

    3. A US agent meant to take over as Captain America will become the villain.

    The US agent as the new Captain America

    If you watched the first episode of TFATWS, you'll know we were left with some knockoff Captain America (Wyatt Russell) poised to take Steve's place. Ew.

    In the comics, US agent John Walker can't live up to the legacy of Captain America that Steve left, and in the process goes a little nuts and becomes the villain of the story. Obviously, we know Sam and Bucky won't let this new Captain America slide, so many fans are hoping that we see this downfall of the character in the show as well.

    4. Zemo is back and working for the US government.

    Zemo in "Captain America: Civil War"

    Remember this guy? Killed T'Challa's dad, framed Bucky for it, and essentially started Civil War? Yeah, he's back.

    We already know that Daniel Brühl is set to reprise his role as Zemo in the new show, but this fan's theory is that he's currently working for the US government to help them push the revalidation of the Sokovia Accords. Reddit user u/_fordie_III's idea is that the government will be revealed to have been in control of all the villains of the show, using Zemo as a "face" for the public to be afraid of to help reinforce the notion that the Accords are necessary for the safety of the general public.

    5. Sharon Carter will essentially replace Black Widow and *potentially* be Bucky's love interest.

    Sam, Sharon, and Bucky in a shootout scene.

    Arguably, one of the best parts of the Captain America movies is Cap's relationship with Natasha and the banter between the two friends. But who will fulfill that dynamic for Sam? Enter: Sharon Carter.

    Sharon made brief appearances in The Winter Soldier and Civil War and kind of, sort of, had a thing with Steve. But fans didn't love that storyline as there wasn't much character development and it was a little weird because she ends up being distantly related to Steve's first love Peggy Carter.

    Anyway, Sharon is back in TFATWS and fans believe she will act as the Black Widow to Sam's Captain America. Emily VanCamp, who plays Sharon Carter, even said this show reveals a new side to Sharon that develops her as a character more so.

    There are also rumors that there might be a slight romantic level to Sharon and Bucky's relationship, but, once again, fans aren't too happy about it. Guess we'll have to wait and see.

    6. Rhodey convinces Sam to become Captain America.

    Sam and Rhodey in "The Falcon and the Winter Soldier"

    Sam and Rhodey have a strained relationship after having fought on opposite sides during Civil War in a fight that ended up leaving Rhodey paralyzed by a blast from Vision that was meant for Sam. However, the two did briefly reunite in Infinity War and Endgame to fight side by side against Thanos.

    The leading theory here is that the two will reconcile their relationship even further, both having lost important people in the aftermath of Endgame, and Rhodey will help convince Sam to take up the mantle of Captain America when he's reluctant to follow in Steve's footsteps.

    What are your current theories about the show? Let us know in the comments.

    You can track all the action of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier streaming now on Disney+.

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