The 15 Most Offensive Dead Celebrity Ads

    Listed in tasteless order.

    1. Kiss FM (August 2013)

    2. Fit Light Yogurt (2007)

    3. Ford Puma (1998)

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    I guess Ford (and ad agency Y&R, UK) thought that since Steve McQueen drove a Ford (a Mustang GT) in his famous chase scene from the 1968 film Bullit, it would be fine to — badly — recreate it with a Fucking Puma.
    Just, embarrassingly bad.

    4. el Mostrador (2012)

    5. Alacatel (2001)

    The giant French telecommunications company won A Cannes Lion for this Martin Luther King Jr. commercial.
    Not that you'd know that, because they've tried their best to keep it offline since video came fully online.
    They learned the hard way that there are certain historical stars that you do not touch to try to sell stuff.

    6. Rádio Ipanema (July 2013)

    7. Lee Jeans (2010)

    8. Record Planet (2011)

    9. Dr. Martens (2007)

    10. Dr. Martens (2007)

    11. Orville Redenbacher popcorn (2007)

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    OK, a stretch to call him a celeb, but I'm calling it.
    This embarrassing commercial debuted during the Golden Globes telecast in January 2007.
    Redenbacher, who suffered a heart attack and drowned in his tub in 1995 (now his products have zero trans fat), was Frankensteined with parts of three actors—one each for voice, body and face—to create an historically creepy digital Deadenbacher.
    Redenbacher made his first fortune selling fertilizer, btw.
    Ad agency: cp+b.

    12. LG Car Audio hands-free bluetooth (July 2013)

    13. Sony earphones (2012)

    14. Dirt Devil (1997)

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    The Ohio-based company waited 10 years to awkwardly digitally-reanimate the corpse of Fred Astaire.
    The spot debuted during the 1997 Super Bowl.

    15. Clara Internet (May 2013)