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The Smartest Fashion Advertising Of The Last Ten Years

Celebrate fashion week with the witty ads of Harvey Nichols, the high-end British department store.

1. 2005. "Beans" — speaks perfectly to the fashion-obsessed woman.

Fashion Advertising, Universally, Sucks.

Here's what it should say in the dictionary under "Fashion Advertising":

"Cliche-riddled crap lacking even a whiff of an idea."

Robert Pattinson knows what I'm talking about. As does Tom Ford and Marc Jacobs.

But upscale UK department store chain Harvey Nichols has, almost single-handedly, tried to change this unfortunate trend. Year-in and year-out, their ad agency DDB London has produced brilliant, award-winning advertising.

Here's a small gallery of some of their best ads.

2. Here's the "Beans" ad in the Underground.

3. 2005. "Toilet Paper" — second ad from the campaign.

4. 2003. "A Harvey Nichols fashion victim. Open Sundays."

5. 2004.

6. 2007. An amazing womenswear ad.

7. 2008

8. 2008. After Christmas sale. Hilarious.

9. 2009. After Christmas sale — incoming!

10. 2008. "Fashion Statement"

11. 2008. "Fashion Statement"

12. 2012. "Stop Window Shopping"

13. 2010. Via Dubai (where Harvey Nichols opened a store in 2006).

14. 2012 make-up ad. Via Dubai.