The Smartest Fashion Advertising Of The Last Ten Years

Celebrate fashion week with the witty ads of Harvey Nichols, the high-end British department store.

1. 2005. “Beans” — speaks perfectly to the fashion-obsessed woman.

Ad agency: DDB London.

Fashion Advertising, Universally, Sucks.

Here’s what it should say in the dictionary under “Fashion Advertising”:
“Cliche-riddled crap lacking even a whiff of an idea.”

Robert Pattinson knows what I’m talking about. As does Tom Ford and Marc Jacobs.

But upscale UK department store chain Harvey Nichols has, almost single-handedly, tried to change this unfortunate trend. Year-in and year-out, their ad agency DDB London has produced brilliant, award-winning advertising.

Here’s a small gallery of some of their best ads.

2. Here’s the “Beans” ad in the Underground.

3. 2005. “Toilet Paper” — second ad from the campaign.

Ad agency: DDB London.

4. 2003. “A Harvey Nichols fashion victim. Open Sundays.”

Ad agency: DDB London.

5. 2004.

Ad agency: DDB London.

6. 2007. An amazing womenswear ad.

Ad agency: DDB London.

7. 2008

Ad agency: DDB London.

8. 2008. After Christmas sale. Hilarious.

9. 2009. After Christmas sale — incoming!

Ad agency: DDB London.

10. 2008. “Fashion Statement”

11. 2008. “Fashion Statement”

12. 2012. “Stop Window Shopping”

Ad agency: DDB London.

13. 2010. Via Dubai (where Harvey Nichols opened a store in 2006).

As Adland pointed out, Y&R in Dubai obviously stole this sale ad idea (top) from taxidermy artist Cai Guo-Qiang piece “Head On” (bottom). But that’s what good ad creatives do: they steal from other sources.

14. 2012 make-up ad. Via Dubai.

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