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20 Of The Most Racist Vintage Ads

African-Americans, Mexicans, Scots, Chinese, Japanese, Native Americans — it's a melting pot of stereotypes. 1910 — 1976.

1. early 1950s ad.

Via Flickr: robotbastard

That man in the shrunken shirt is "a specimen of a vanishing tribe."

2. Let's make her look Scottish!


4. It's impossible to believe that this is a real ad.

5. "Colored Kids" here is a pun that refers to her boots.

6. Pear's Soap from the early 1900's.

7. 1910 ad. I doubt this was officially approved by the Wright brothers.

8. 1949 ad.


It's always interesting to see how back then white male copywriters represented "Black speak."

9. 1934 ad.



1976 "Dinnertimin'" ad. “You don’t have to get dressed up, there’s no tipping…”


Classic late 1960s Levy's ad by Doyle Dane Bernbach.

It bothers a lot of people today.

12. 1940 ad.


You really need to read that copy.

13. Some of you may remember the Frito Bandito from the 1960s.


Via the 1960s for the Rice Council of America.

True Story: The first ad agency I worked for had a shady spa as a client. One of their treatments was a full body "weight loss" wrap. (You just lost water weight).

Our headline on the ad featuring a sexy, curvy fully wrapped woman — "Have you ever seen a fat mummy?" They bought it.

15. 1906 ad.

16. 1944 ad. If you're unfamiliar with the term "coolie," here.

17. 1934 ad.


Think they made him dark enough?

18. Speaking of skin tone, a 1967 ad.

19. This whole post could have been Aunt Jemima ads.

20. 1960s commercial — Injun Orange and Chinese Cherry.

View this video on YouTube


here's 30 more vintage racist ads.

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