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26 Annoying Things Latinos Are Tired Of Hearing

"Are you here legally?"

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6. "I read in an email chain that was forwarded to me that you all have your hand out to Uncle Sam."


"When [government assistance] recipients identified themselves by race in 2010, 34 percent were white, 22 percent were black and 16 percent were Hispanic," the Agriculture Department said.

8. "You’re Hispanic — that makes you a natural Republican/conservative.”


Hey, look at that quote — a little presumptuous, no? Maybe don't lump a wide range of Latinos all across the U.S. into a neat category?

20. "Latinos don't want to assimilate."

Sort of covered this one, but it's depressing, so again: Latinos primarily speak English and largely were born in the United States. But the bird is adorbs.

21. "Latinos don't have American pride."

Pete Souza, White House

Latinos are Americans — I know, it's crazy. Born in the U.S. and everything. They may preserve some of their culture, but that doesn't mean they don't fiercely love this country.

24. "Don't you Latins all have hot-headed tempers?"

Everything is wrong with that sentence. This makes us angry but not any more than you would be if your culture was mostly seen through stereotypes.

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