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    15 Latino Celebs That Perfectly Took On The #IceBucketChallenge

    Because we're never gonna complain about seeing them covered in iced water.

    1. Shakira and Piqué threw water at each other in the most adorable way.

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    Listen to him squeal!

    2. Romeo Santos fooled us for half a second.

    3. JLo accepted the challenge with her kids and it was the CUTEST thing ever.

    4. Messi reminded us that he's the best. Ever.

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    5. And his World Cup teammate Pocho Lavezzi wasn't far behind.

    6. But nothing compares to the way Belinda got soaked.

    7. Thalia wasn't alone.

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    8. Prince Royce left us wanting more...

    9. Demi Lovato went down the cruelest/coldest line.

    10. Wilmer Valderrama did it with his 70's show pal, Ashton Kutcher.

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    11. Zoe Saldana gave a nod to her pregnancy, passing the baton over to her hubby.

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    12. Lu Lopilato accepted Michel Buble's challenge and nominated...

    13. ...Dalma Maradona who got soaked by her sister and nephew. Awwww.

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    14. And Pedro Pascal left everyone breathless.

    15. Lastly, Cristiano Ronaldo kept it classy — in a speedo.

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