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  • Dear People Who Feel Bad For People With disabilities

    my latest piece is about my view on how the world sees people with disabilities

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  • Do You Belong In The Friends OR The How I Met Your Mother Squad?

    So, shall we go to Central Perk or McLaren's?

  • 14 Struggles Only A Single Girl Can Relate To

    This article is a must-read for those who are singles and struggling to find their partner.

  • Why Taobao Is So Popular?

    Taobao is one of the most popular e-commerce websites in China. Shoppers get hooked to this site for the variety of products, large number of choices and dirt cheap price. The extent of the popularity of Taobao is such that it is a must-have smartphone application for majority of Chinese people. Now Taobao is expanding its market at global platform so that Chinese people can buy products directly from overseas countries like Korea, Japan, US, UK and so on. By availing the facility of Taobao International shipping, one can buy any items from this e-commerce website from anywhere on the earth. Taobao was established in 2003 by Alibaba group. In very less time, it became the largest online retail websites in Asia. It is estimated that the company has over 80% market share of online sale in China. The credit to around one-third of home express deliveries in China goes to Taobao shipments. This e-commerce company has created millions of jobs directly and indirectly. Let us get to know what makes Taobao so successful in these years.

  • 10 Self-Destructive Habits That You Need To Get Rid Of

    We all are guilty of having certain self-destructive habits that knowingly or unknowingly degrade you as a person. And this is why it is better to keep a track of all your bad habits in your quest of becoming a better person by growing each day. Here are a few positive changes that you should make in your life if you are willing to boost your personality and become responsible. Let’s check out!


    Hey there residents! WELCOME BACK to CG//110. What Netflix and TV shows did you binge watch over break?

  • What Type Of Dance Are You?

    Based on this quiz, find out which type of dance you are in Billy Elliot the Musical. Take this quiz and come see the show!

  • Русские Евреи. Фильм Второй.

    Продолжение трилогии Леонида Парфенова о периоде с 1918 по 1948 год.

  • Let's Save The World Together As A Virtual Volunteer

    I never volunteered before that day and volunteering never even crossed my mind. But the immense amount of love that I felt with my fellow volunteers was amazing

  • I Spent A Week Without Social Media!

    Spending a week without social media seemed daunting, but here's how it went.

  • The space truck Dragon successfully wrecked

    Space Dragon cargo ship successfully splashed down in the Pacific Ocean after a month stay on the ISS, the company owning the ship SpaceX. To ISS Dragon docked in February, when it was late at night due to failures in the program. On Earth space truck arrived two and a half tons of scientific results and waste materials. About the successful landing company SpaceX said in his Twitter. "The successful delivery of scientific research and NASA cargo to the ISS is confirmed," - said in a statement. Freight machine on a parachute splashdown in the Pacific Ocean near the coast of the northern peninsula of California.

  • Which Tourist Destination Must Go?

    Rome or Paris? New York or Los Angeles?

  • If You're Crafty But Lazy AF You'll Love This

    Make six pom poms in one go using an old coat hanger. Yes, really

  • 5 Important Facts Why Domestic Violence Is Negative In Society

    There are more than 4 important facts on why domestic violence is negative for our society. Everybody gets effected in some way, for example: children living with a violent parent, mothers who don't have the income to make a change, families living in fear, extended family, friends, community are effected, children being taught violence is a norm behavior. Long term issues for kids is seeing domestic violence that causes them stress and leads them to all different changes in their life, e.g. lack of education, not having enough money and unemployment. The big issue that effects the Aboriginal community, children were taken away from their families and its been the biggest issue in the Aboriginal Community. It would be amazing if we could solve all their problems by taking away their pain and have them believe in themselves that they deserve a better life.

  • The New ‘Brain’ Of Konoha—The Development Of Shikamaru

    I love Naruto anime, so I soon fell in love with Naruto Online. This game is based on the original anime so I was hooked quickly after seeing all those familiar ninjas and scenes. I’m very happy to relive the story by playing Naruto games.

  • Celtics Gradually Improving On Cusp Of Playoff Run

    Cs keep getting better as the Playoffs approach. Al Horford on fire.

  • Could You Survive Hamlet?

    Answer what you would do in the scenarios to find out if you would survive in Hamlet

  • Things To Consider When You Are Buying A Set Of Binoculars

    If asked, most individuals would turn down when choosing a set of binoculars help. Their main selection criteria based on the cost or either magnification. After all, that's all there's to it, right?

  • Who's Your Ideal Plantner?

    I'm sure your relationship will bloom!

  • Salsa vs. Tango

    Die "Konkurrenz" zwischen Salsa und Tango ist eigentlich ziemlich albern. Was aber ziemlich interessant ist, ist der direkte Vergleich der beiden Musikkulturen. Wer tanzt Tango? Wer Salsa? Wie gebildet sind die Tänzer?

  • 9 Things We Expected By Age 20

    You're only young once...right?

  • 5 Tips For Protesters

    Because tough times

  • Why Get A Home Water Filtration System?

    House water filtering systems help to secure homes from pollutants in the water that can cause allergies and make the conditions of house appliances degrade. The home water filtering system is located at the point of entry of the water supply before it reaches the home. It is at this point where it filters the water prior to launching it into the home. House water filtration systems are advised if you presume that the water concerning your home is infected.

  • Are You A Mattie Or A Sammy?

    Are you a cool cat or a lame llama?

  • Save Cash by Becoming Your very own Home Remodeling Contractor

    Lots of people wish to have their houses remodeled, but put the project off due to a variety of reasons. Some are not able to raise the funds needed for a great remodeling program, some do not know where to start with the remodeling of their house, and yet some others do unknown who to approach to get their renovation started. Often all these issues can be fixed with only one choice - discovering the ideal house renovating contractor.

  • 5 Reasons You Should Visit Lord Howe Island

    World Heritage listed, and home to hundreds of unique flora and fauna, Lord Howe Island is a great tropical retreat. With splendid hikes, stunning views, secluded spots and a lack of tourists this is the best place to spend a long weekend. Swim with colourful fish in the big blue, or go kayaking around the moon shaped island, you will not be disappointed! Make sure to book as far in advance as possible, as this piece of paradise caps its space for tourists.