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  • Top 10 Deaths In 9th Grade Literature

    Project for my final exam at Lakeside High School. not necessarily in order of least to best, but just in order of which I thought of them, except for number 1. Please don't take off any points for that, Mrs. Hoyne.

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  • Brooks Or Sumner?

    Travel back to the famous Brooks-Sumner Affair but with a fresh perspective. You've probably read about the event in your history textbook, but have you ever wondered who you're most like? Find out!

  • Choose Some BTS Members And Get A Puppy

    Don't just pick your bias...

  • Five Tech Companies That Are Changing The World

    It is no big secret that technology is constantly growing. In fact, it is growing and expanding as you are reading this article. Every year more and more companies try to out do each other with fun and exciting new tech toys and inventions. Since the Smartphone and iPod, there really have been some great tech inventions, but with the New Year well on its way, which companies are going to be the most influential? Below, you will learn about some of the different tech companies that could truly make the next big, huge impact on the world and how they are going to do it.

  • Which Literal Mom Are You??

    The literal moms are a group of fun high school students from cstat, texas who are literally moms. Together, they foster a boy who lives in the Philippines (haha if you want to help us support him venmo @hayleynuge). They enjoy hammocking, getting chips and queso, playing with puppies and going to YoungLife together. Which one of these fun, spunky gals are you?? Take this quiz and see.

  • A Mud Bath For Cleopatra

    For centuries, for the health of the skin

  • 10 Razones Por Las Que Debo Ser Redactor En BuzzFeed

    ¿Hay una manera mejor de demostrar que puedo ser el nuevo copy en prácticas de Buzzfeed? (Si la hay prefiero no saberlo).

  • 4 Things That Everyone In The Fashion Industry Knows

    The fashion industry isn't just catwalks and glamour - it's hard work and long hours of blood, sweat and tears, with the products on the market being just the end product of it all.

  • Trump Literally Hand-Wrote A Tweet On The Yad Vashem Book Of Remembrance

    "Great time. Pretty somber tho? Always a pleasure to have me. —DT."

  • 10 Commandments For Keeping Your Friends When Starting A New Relationship

    Hoes before bros. Uteruses before duderuses. Ovaries before brovaries.

  • How HCG Fights Weight Loss

    The diet claims to promote fat loss without loss of muscle mass by reprogramming the hypothalamus and resetting the metabolism.

  • Purple Plates

    Want to bring more purple to your plate? Here's our top 9 favorite purple recipes!

  • 3 Sun Safety Facts For Summer: New 2017 Sunscreen Guide Provides Help

    Which sun protection rated the best for this summer? Check out the new 2017 Guide to Sunscreens.

  • "Raising A Rukus" is Fun & Unique For Entire Fam-Bam

    "Raising a Rukus," a new virtual reality series, is good, family fun. Join twins Amy and Jonas as they explore another world in this first-of-its-kind film. Available for download on Samsung Gear later this month and currently showing at IMAX VR Los Angeles.

  • Which Admission Counselor Are You?

    Started from the bottom now we're here. But really, do you remember starting at the bottom and working your way up the workplace ladder? Well, we're still down here. Some might say we are the bottom of the totem pole, but we like to think of ourselves as the most humble and grounded...LOLZ JK. We know we're great so find out which one of us (Christina, Sadie, Garrett, Christian, Amy) you are.

  • Your Rights When Confronted By The Police

    The United States Constitution gives everyone certain rights that cannot be trampled on even by the police.

  • Tom Hardy Is "Venom"

    Tom Hardy is playing Venom!

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  • LahSoul Is Creating A Serious Buzz Nationwide

    LahSoul “The Pale Horse” LahSoul was born in Ypsilanti, MI. & started rapping at the age of 8 years old in his uncle's basement with two of his cousins. The first song they wrote together was called "Basketball" and we're pretty sure someone still has the song on a cassette tape somewhere. But it wasn't until about 1 year ago, did LahSoul get serious about making real music to put out to the public. He states, "I know I always wanted to put an album out and knew I was going to, but I just didn't know when that time would come." LahSoul continues, "the album honestly took about a whole year to finish up, because I still didn't have my sound fully developed and just had to find my direction, meaning, which way I was going to go with this album." The name of the album is titled "Money Calling" and has about 13 tracks on it. This is his first commercial debut album which has given LahSoul the opportunity to learn more about himself as well as achieve a deeper understanding of the world and what direction he needs to take in his life. He says "Now that I'm focused I'm ready to position myself in the right direction to provide for myself and my family." The theme of the album illustrates a skinny, pale, displaced kid who moved to Los Angeles from Michigan with a great hunger to be heard in this music industry. LahSoul says, "I think this album genuinely reflects who I am because it's a very diverse album as far as the flows, the beats, and writing style. It shows who I am. Growing up, I was always reminded how different I was from the world and this was my chance to get some of that out while showing my hunger and drive to succeed." Money Calling released 02/24/2017 digitally and physically. The album is very unique in that it sounds musically and lyrically different from what's on the radio nowadays, while the subject matter is not talking about flexing so much as just saying he's hungry and want to see us all winning. LahSoul currently has 4 Mix Tapes out right now. The first mix tape was released in 2011 called "Eyes Have Not Seen Nor Ears Have Heard" with 7 tracks on it. The second project was released in 2013 titled "The Birth Of A New Chapter which had 13 tracks on it. The two other projects, one dropped in 2016 called "Eyes and Ears" with a total of 10 tracks on it & his latest 2017 mix tape is titled "Sense of Direction". LahSoul The Pale Horse has performed for Coast2Coast mix tapes, opened for short dawg a.k.a Fre$h twice, in Detroit and also opened for Nip$ey Hussle and 2Chainz in San Bernardino among countless performances around the Los Angeles area and The Valley. He is also playing the main character in a short film titled "Whitest Boy Alive" which should be out sometime in the summer of 2017 along with a documentary on his life as a Hip Hop artist. LahSoul states, "I look back at how far I have come and what I have achieved in making it this far, having a manager and a legit team behind me. I know I am not that far along yet but at the same time I know I'm not too far away from being closer to my dreams." Here is his first video, "Can't Be Stopped" from his recently released album "Money Calling".

  • What Does Taping Say About Your Personality?

    Taping - we all do it. Whether it's a note on the mirror or a 'missing' sign, what is your style of placing tape to adhere paper to a surface? It says more about you than you know.

  • Kidz Mobile Featured On MSNBC

    Kidz Mobile provides third party transportation services for business professionals with children, freeing up parent’s time to focus on maintaining a healthy and balanced family lifestyle.

  • 15 Hilarious Tweets About IKEA

    "When you think about it, IKEA is the real Swedish House Mafia."

  • Probiotics: Could The Secret To A Happier Heart Lie In A Happier Stomach?

    Inside your body, trillions of microorganisms call the lining of your stomach and intestinal tract home. This is not necessarily a bad thing. If you are familiar with probiotics, then you know that these bacteria, microflora, and other microorganisms can be good (or bad) for your health. There are a number of known benefits to the probiotic supplements you can find online, and in recent years it has been shown that probiotics have potential for treating cardiovascular symptoms. Read on to learn more about this link and the harmful role that antibiotics play in our health.

  • Am I Cool Or Pretentious

    It's a fine line

  • 21 Reasons Why Overwatch And Its Fans Are Awesome

    After a year of launch, this game has truly made a mark in the industry. To this day, both the people behind it and fans continue to make this game awesome.