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    Picking up the kitchen is the never ending story. After each meal, you have to start over. Here are 3 steps to help you organize tasks, save time, and turn kitchen cleaning into a rewarding and fast routine. Keep your kitchen in order even though a pitched battle is taking place, just follow these professional tips! Whether you're a kitchen addict or just a lover of good food, you've probably seen a kitchen show on TV. Have you noticed that the cooks are constantly cleaning and removing the utensils they no longer need when the food is prepared? When they finish cooking, the worktop is always clean. The best professionals use this technique: they are cleaning and picking up on the go. Follow their advice and try to do the same. Step 1: Wash the utensils First, while you are cooking, wash the utensils. That you no longer need or place them directly in the dishwasher. Store ingredients after use. Clean surfaces and cutting board after putting ingredients to cook. Replace the cookbook in place. You will thank yourself when the meal is over. After serving the food, fill the pots immediately with water and add a drop of Fairy Platinum. While you eat, soak them in the sink; Cleaning will be much easier. During the meal, gradually remove what is no longer going to be used. Take the starters when you go for the second course, and remove the dishes and the dishes from the second course when you go for dessert. Do not go anywhere with empty hands. In this way, when the meal ends there will be many less things to remove and the table and surfaces will be picked up in the blink of an eye. Step 2: Clear the worktops Clear countertops allow efficient and quick cleaning without having to move things from side to side to pass the cloth. Follow the rule of storing all possible utensils on shelves and cupboards so surfaces and countertops are clear. After all, not every day we use the pasta machine or the strainer. Leave what you need on a daily basis and place on the highest shelves or less accessible places that you do not use so often. Make sure that the table is completely cleared after each meal to be able to clean it in a moment. Other things worth considering are: •Hold the knives and scissors in a magnetic bar stuck in the wall and store the spices in a shelf next to the stove. The kitchen utensils should be stored in a drawer under the stove and the oil and water bottles in a low cabinet. •Create a box for mail and other papers and place it on a shelf. Set a day of the week to review the content. If you need more space in the kitchen cabinets, separate the crockery, glasses and cutlery you use less and look for a different place to store them. Step 3: Establish a weekly plan Some tasks need to be done at each meal, but others are only needed once a week. Set a day for each weekly task, so you reduce the work and the kitchen will always be clean. Group the tasks according to the cleaning product you need, so you do not have to repeat the same action twice a week. Proposal of weekly plan •On Mondays scrub the floors. •On Tuesdays remove the dust with best microfiber mop. •On Wednesdays check the refrigerator and shelves and discard any expired products or food in poor condition. •On Thursdays they clean the worktops, the stoves and the sink. •On Fridays order mail and papers. The weekend is best spent to have a good time with the family

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    Isn't this kick-you-in-the-crotch, spit-on-your-neck fantastic?!

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    we all single ;) (except jasper) - tobi

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    You can choose to have a digital or analog one, add different radio stations to it and if you want you can choose to have a set of alarm tones.

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    Take a strut down memory lane while we review some of the best looks that each member of the third season of RuPaul’s Drag Race: All Stars had worn during the runways of their original season.


    Hey! Did you forget it was Sweetest day? Did you know it was a "holiday?" Oh, yes, I put quotations around it. The first Sweetest Day was on October 10, 1921 in Cleveland. The point was to distributed over 20,000 boxes of candy to "newsboys, orphans, old folks, and the poor." But somehow, it became a candy card holiday! So what last second gifts can you put together?

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    The best scary and spooky Asian movies just for you Halloween Night. I dare you to watch these alone!

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  • 5 Facts About Signature Tracks: The Cutting Edge Film & TV Music Makers

    Recently, I was able to catch a few minutes with Signature Tracks co-founders and long-time best friends Adam Malka, David Lasman, and Russell Howard to talk to them about their recent and past work. The trio met when they were growing up in Philadelphia, where they attended school with childhood friend Kobe Bryant who would later give Russell his first foot in the door, and also introduce him to Jay-Z. In 2008, David was “producing television shows and [he] hated a lot of the music we had to use. Russell had been working with Jay-Z... Adam worked with this band 'Trapt' and [they] just decided to start a company to try and bring more of a current sound to television.” Their company is now composing original music for over 150 different series' for a huge list of clients including “Bravo!,” “A&E,” “The Bachelor,” “The Price is Right,” and many, many more.

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    Aquí debería haber una descripción, pero creo que te vas a ir directo sobre las preguntas.

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    Find out what Gang SHII MEMBER YOU ARREEE!!!

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    Us competitive people are racing you in our minds and you don't even know it!

  • Behind VR/360 Audio: Trailblazing Pollen Music Group Talk The Future Of Storytelling & Composing Google Spotlight Stories' Pearl

    We were able to have a quick chat with three of the top composers in the virtual reality, 360 and immersive storytelling worlds. Alexis Harte, Scot Stafford and JJ Wiesler are the creative audio visionaries behind Pollen Music Group. Their company has been a pioneering voice in this surging medium of virtual reality, augmenting many pieces of content with their balance of creativity and technology. We took a deep dive into their work on Google Spotlight Stories' Pearl, which earned them an Annie Award for Best Music, as well as their other collaborations with the Gorillaz, Google, and more! Check it out below and like and share if you enjoyed!

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  • Day 70 Cast Away

    Cast Away(2000) starring Tom Hanks. It happened to be a story of a man's attempt to survive when nothing seems to go right, how he gets out of his comfort zone, how he finds the strength to hold on as well as let go. Good story especially for this timing.