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  • Which Makeup Head Are You?

    we want attention

  • quiz
  • quiz

    We can't all be QUEEN PAPA

  • Infidelidad Virtual

    ¿Ha cambiado la definición de ponerle los cuernos a alguien en los últimos años?

  • Why Sri Lanka Should Be Your Next Holiday Destination –A Journey Through An Exotic Land

    Your vacation doesn’t have to be to the same old place every year. That is to say there is nothing wrong with trying out a new place; the more exotic the better. And for that and for so many other reasons, Sri Lanka should be next on your vacation list.

  • Ten Commandments For Critical Thinking

    Your ten top tips for thinking more clearly about pretty much everything...

  • Trans-X - Living On Video (Remix)

    I agree completely that the original is better than Remix, but the no less deserves your attention. Offer to listen and remember the world hits in a new treatment. A Remix of one of the best songs of the band "Trans-X". I'm a big fan of music from the 80's and 90's. Because it is the music of my youth. Remixes, I think, give the hits of those years a second life. View, listen and enjoy.

  • 4 Funny Experiences Only Vapers Will Understand

    The old saying, “There’s a first time for everything” definitely rings true for first-time vapers. Usually, it’s those first-time experiences that are the most memorable ones and are often the stories that make us and those around us laugh about for years to come. What makes a first time experience funny? Often, our reactions and facial expressions, especially when something unexpected happens because we did not realize that we were doing something incorrectly at the time. Especially when we’re young since we tend to get overly excited with anticipation and “just go for it”. It is in these moments where our funny, first-time experiences are born.

  • 9 Signs Your Friend Could Be In A Toxic Relationship

    When somebody is in a toxic relationship, whether it’s with a partner, family member or even a flatmate, it can sometimes be difficult for them to realise that what they’re experiencing isn’t healthy, and to make excuses for other people’s unacceptable behaviour. For those on the outside however, the signs can sometimes be clearer. If you're worried about a friend, you can speak to LUU Advice.

  • Polegli W Czwartej Wojnie Światowej Shinobi

    Gry o Naruto są moimi ulubionymi, a wśród nich najlepszą jest Naruto Online z wyśmienitą grafiką oraz wiernym oddaniem oryginału anime.

  • Is Mental Health Becoming Just Another Buzzword?

    Everyone may have mental health, but not everyone has mental illness.

  • Generic Or Branded Drugs?

    Sometimes, we visit the chemist, and he charges us way less than the amount we budgeted and expected. It is really a good feeling, but it is puzzling too. Does the chemist now have a crush on me? Or there is some kind of discount going on at the pharmacy. All types of questions are raised to be answered.

  • 23 Weirdest Yolanda Hadid Health Tips

    RHOBH fans will be very familiar with Yolanda Hadid's controversial Lyme journey. From calling Taylor "an asshole" (due to brainfog symptoms and word finding difficulty) to not turning up to filming commitments to the great "Rinna Vs Everyone" Munchausen's debate of 2016 Yolanda's "health journey" has been a rollercoaster ride and a main plotline. To raise awareness Yolanda has published the quintessential memoir of chronic Lyme disease Believe Me. Most mainstream doctors say there isn't enough evidence to support the existence of chronic Lyme disease which leaves Lyme sufferers in the hands of mostly alternative medicine practitioners. Some seem to really want to find effective treatments, some, well, let's just say that being sick with Lyme isn't cheap. When it comes to expensive treatments Yolanda has tried everything on the market to get better and some of it is....a little unorthodox. Here in order, are the 23 weirdest ways to get healthy according to Yolanda Hadid's book......

  • Which 406 Resident Are You??

    Find out if you're Mad as Maddy, Responsible as Ryan, Nerdy as Nate, or Goofy as Galen.

  • Interested In Learning Your Family History?

    Family history research available for you!

  • Which Amanda Are You?

    Take this quiz to find out which aspect of Amanda's personality you relate to most!

  • Which Member Of The Dick Room Are You?

    You've heard of Miranda, Charlotte, Samantha, and Carrie, now it's time to find out if you're the Ryan, Sam, Andrew, or Jackson of your group!

  • Discount For Online Shopping

    As prices climb, online purchasing is coming to be more preferred. Not just do you conserve money by not making use of gas to drive from shop to shop, however several websites supply online discount rates for new and normal consumers. Equally as traditional stores have performed in the past, on the internet stores use vouchers and also other on the internet discounts in an effort to reveal admiration to their customers. And, in today's economic situation, most people can make use of all the assistance they can get.

  • Which Member Of The Painting Group Are You?

    Every group has its own set of characters. This is very apparent with this group of girls. Which member are you?

  • Which Inclusive Member Are You?

    Are you a Craig, Conner, or Greg???

  • 5 Reasons Why You Should Kick Multitasking To The Curb

    Do you believe that multitasking is the solution to all your problems? If you said yes then I'm sorry to break it to you, but multitasking may just be the underlying issue for your problems.

  • Which ~Lady~ Of Delta Nu Are You?

    The ~ladies~ of Delta Nu have been thriving for nearly an entire semester. We find it only fair to let you, dearest friends of our sorority, know which member you are. xoxo delta nu ladies

  • Namuang Safari Park –the Perfect Place For A Day Out In Koh Samui

    Although almost everyone vacationing in Koh Samui might have done his or her research on the two stunning Namuang waterfalls, the lesser-known Namuang Safari Park is a place you should definitely visit if you are looking for an adventurous getaway. Plus, this place is ideal for kids.

  • Adventurous Buggy Tours In Algarve, Portugal –exciting Journey In A Buggy

    If you are looking for your adrenaline fix and on vacation in Portugal, hopping in to a buggy is a great idea you will cherish a life-time!

  • Meet The Man Responsible For Zappo's Porta Parties: Tyler Williams

    I had the pleasure to interview Tyler Williams, the head of experiential marketing for Zappos. Tyler is CEO Tony Hsieh's right hand man, and one of the most popular people at Zappos. He is known as a fun-gineer. His job is to bring joy and smiles to Zappos’s 1,500 employees. For example, he built an instant dance party in the company lobby. It works like this: When you push a button with a sign under it that says, “Don’t ever push this button,” lights go on and music blares. His position comes within our brand aura department, which is similar to other companies’ brand marketing departments.

  • How Likely Are You To Chug An Entire Bottle Of Purell Before The Semester Ends?

    What do you want the paramedics to pump out of your ass when you finally decide to end it all?

  • 7 Reasons Why You're A Failure

    Have you ever wondered why you're such a failure? Well you've came to the right place because it's time to call out your productivity failures and provide some tips on how to change.