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  • The Parrot Don't Like Such Breakfast

    The lovebird have had eaten enough... and she rises the devil

  • quiz
  • How Headass Are You?

    So you think you've got a head for asses? Let's see how much you've actually been paying attention. No cheating! These pictures have been edited so you can't use suit colors to figure out who's cheeks are who's.

  • Sleeping With Freud; Leave It To Interpretation

    Think of a dream you have had. Answer the questions to determine what your dream may consist of; the results may be surprising.

  • Fuck, Marry, Kill: The CW Edition

    Picking between the past and present characters from The CW is easier said than done

  • 7 Reasons To Register For The 45th Annual Governor's Cup

    The Governor's Cup is more than just a race. Check out all the reasons you should sign up.

  • Who Are You Meant For????

    this is STRANGELY accurate! find ur soulmate lmao

  • Gorgeous Jewellery You’ll Need If You Love The Sea!

    From Mermaids to Seaglass, anything that can remind me of the sea and beach is a pleasure to design.

  • Tips For Best Family Vacation


  • Do You Know What Your Dreams Actually Mean? Would You Like To?

    It is of utmost importance to analyze the content of your dreams before you are able to know what they truly mean.

  • Baahubali 2 And Its Box Office Collection

    Baahubali 2 box office collection day 1: SS Rajamouli film shatters records, earns Rs 217 cr worldwide

  • 6 Reasons Why Planning A Wedding Is Bullshit

    I'd rather fist myself than listen to some lady named Margaret talk about periwinkle chair covers.

  • Name The TV Show

    Can you identify which TV show the still is from? Let's see if you know your TV shows!

  • Utiliser Des Aliments Naturels Pour Réduire Un Double Menton

    Un masque au blanc d'œuf peut être d'une grande aide pour réduire un double menton, En effet le blanc d’œuf aide à raffermir la peau, et c’est bénéfique pour la santé globale de la peau.

  • Do You Want To Turn Into A Fashion Photographer

    You see them every where, in magazines, on the runway all through "Style Week" all over the world and in television commercials. They're the very thin women strutting their material or the remarkable girls using their remarkable good looks wearing the newest styles from the very best designers. Yes, we are speaing frankly about the utmost effective style models of nowadays and tomorrow. They seem to be everywhere you look, but who provides these girls to us? Their photographs are photographed with intense care, patience and that unique search for model, structure and light composition. I am speaing frankly about today's fashion photographers. In the kingdom of fashion photographers today, my favorites are Annie Leibovitz and Melissa Rodwell and two really gifted forthcoming stars, Lindsay Adler and Lara Jade With dreams of big paychecks and the extravagant life style of rubbing shoulders with today's rich and popular will be the dream of numerous a future photographer. That, however is much less easy to achieve because you can think. The red carpet to the well-known fashion houses and publications is no easy road to take. Here are a few of our style photography methods: Be prepared and have a definite notion of what you would like to achieve from the shoot. From looking through the style publications piled up in my own company to split sheets of makeup and hairstyling ideas. Encompass your self with striking pictures to assist you develop the history or notion in your mind. Los angeles Modeling photography When photographing a manner story or concept, I always assembled a team of other professionals. These generally include hair stylists, make-up artists and closet stylists. The team can there be to help me obtain the photos I've in mind and giving recommendations and input towards the photoshoot always brings the creative out in everyone. I never let anybody take control the final vision of the capture, but the suggestions help adjust it to my ultimate creation. Fashion images is approximately, you got it. Fashion. It may be the styles of nowadays in apparel, but do not forget it could be jewelry and accessories as well. make sure the photos will show the "style" in its most useful light. I contact this the "hero" of the image. Use light methods showing the material at their best. If you're photographing jewelry, then a glitter and glow of the stones would become the "hero ". These few particular recommendations help in keeping my vision on the goal of creating photos worthy of getting editorial spreads in the most effective fashion magazines. Submitting to a publication is only the first faltering step onto that red carpet of the fashion properties and prime magazines. Begin with on line publications, they've rigid principles for submissions but will help you to master skills that may eventually lead to larger rewards. Also your title as a photographer can gain traction on the planet of fashion. Work just may possibly be seen by the best person at the proper time. Keep work fresh and current, fashion improvements rapidly and you will need to stay informed on every conditions changes. I really hope this might help a couple of visitors get worked up about the entire world of fashion photography, it is a great method to pursue your innovative side and be imaginative at exactly the same time. It may possibly not be an easy street to style and residing in the rapidly lane, however it is obviously an extremely interesting way to produce pictures

  • 14 Times The Golden Girls' Dorothy Zbornak Was A Gangster

    Dorothy Zbornak is the fiercest of the four Golden ladies. That stare. That voice. The quiet calm before she unleashes. This video has 14 times that Dorothy tore up the screen with her sarcasm and wit making her the gangster of The Golden Girls..

  • 5 Team Building Activities To Strengthen Team Cohesion

    5 Team Building Activities To Strengthen Team Cohesion

  • The Foods To Help You Sleep Better

    Have trouble getting to bed or staying asleep? You’re not alone. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates one in four American adults get less than the daily recommended seven to eight hours of sleep. That insufficient shuteye is leaving them more at risk of diabetes, heart disease, depression and obesity

  • Which Non-Disclosed Apartment Number Roommate Are You?

    Are you Erika, Katie, Ryan, Kirsten, or Irena?

  • Miracle Fat Cutter Drink - Get Flat Tummy In 1 Week

    Watch ►Miracle Fat Cutter Drink - Get flat tummy in 1 week Hi Friends, Today I am Going To Show You , Miracle Fat Cutter Drink to Reduce fat in the belly Region and Get flat tummy in 1 week Our channel provide Full information about Natural Home Remedies. Here you will find Beauty tips,face packs tips ,makeup tips,beauty benefits,hair styles and much more Health&Beauty Tips.So i hope you like my channel, Share my Channel with your friends & family. ►Watch More #Health&Beauty Videos Click Here :

  • The Call Of The Simpsons

    Trivia, interestingness and parodies in the series The call of the Simpsons (S01E07). At the beginning of the series Bart and Homer are removed on the lawn. At the same time, Ned Flanders drives up to the Simpsons' house in his new van "Behemoth" and brags him in front of the Simpsons. Homer of envy also decides to buy a van, and better than Flanders. When he came to the car store, he immediately put his eye on the "Behemoth Maximum" and was about to take it on credit, but the seller said that the Simpsons "will not be able to buy this van even if they work for a million years." As always, interestingness, curious facts, the first appearance of heroes, cultural references, feilies, invited stars and much more. The season began broadcasting from 17.12.89, and finished on 13.05.90. The premiere took place on February 18, 1990

  • Lose 5 Pounds On Wine And Cheese Diet!

    Even if you fail... you will have lots of fun trying.

  • Which Riverdale Character Are You Most Like?

    Is it Archie, Veronica, Jughead, or Betty? Find out now!

  • A Very BuzzFeed Dream Analysis

    Are you having wacky dreams? Are you wondering what they mean? Take this BuzzFeed quiz, based off of Sigmund Freud's Introductory Lectures on Psychoanalysis, to find the truth!

  • 5 Advantages of Using an Inbound Call Center for Your Business

    An inbound call is one that a customer initiates to a call center or contact center. A help desk handles inbound calls as well, although calls may be made from employees rather than customers. A call center may handle either inbound or outbound calls exclusively or might deal with a combination of the two.

  • Wise Way To Choose Host Company

    simple but wise way to pick cost effective host company

  • 5 Secret Techniques to Manage Full Body Rashes

    The rash is a nonspecific term that refers to any visible inflammation of the skin. Body rashes are common among people. Several reasons could be responsible for body rashes amidst varying degrees of proneness among people. These rashes may be extensive and worrisome or small and barely noticeable. But whichever the type, skin rashes are never desirable and could be a real source of discomfort. Generally, skin rashes do occur in small patches of the body or may cover the whole of it. When they develop on small sections of the body, they’re indicative of an external skin issue such as an allergy or skin inflammation. However, when they cover the whole body, one may need to worry as this signals the presence of an internal problem. Usually, a full body rash is caused by digestive system disorders, drug reactions, certain kinds of cancers or thyroid problems. These instances often require a trip to the doctor but here are secrets that may help to put off that visit to the doctor. Click here for more information on how to manage full body rashes.