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  • Watch "Trouble"​: New Monthly Show Offering an In-depth Anarchist Analysis

    sub.Media is excited to announce the launch of Trouble, a brand-new monthly show offering an in-depth anarchist analysis of the dynamics and forces shaping today’s movements.

  • quiz

    Your Taste In Veggies Will Reveal Where You'll Meet Your Soulmate

    Love them or hate them, they've got some beans to spill...

  • Who Has Your Vote?

    A poll to determine who might win when the time has come.

  • The Best Two Television Imports Streaming On Netflix You Probably Haven’t Watched Yet

    As Netflix streaming moves away from high quality film offerings, they are making up for it with some great international television shows.

  • Great Bed For Facet Sleepers

    if you are a side sleeper, there's no doubt that you are familiar with the aches and pains frequently related to the incorrect mattress. at the same time as again sleepers can and do enjoy aches and pains from the incorrect mattress, these signs are extra common with aspect sleepers.

  • 20 Photos To Inspire Wanderlust: Cuba

    The land of rum and cigars

  • Which Musical Does This Line Come From?

    Do you know "One Last Time" from "One Day More"?

  • Top 10 Times The Candidates Made No Sense

    #6 will make you gasp!

  • The World Top Arilines For The Last 10 Years

    Two things have become a day to day occurrence while traveling by air. These are: high fares and endless delays. Costly fees and huge waiting times have become the norms of several airlines. However, today's air world is quite competitive and a little bit research shows that all airlines are not equal. There are some top-notch and award winning airline services which make the traveling not only an enjoyable experience but also ensure timely departures and arrivals. Here are some of the airline carriers which have been awarded top positions by various awarding and rating organisations in the air travel industry.

  • You Like Lobster? Try My Decadent Lobster Pie Recipe

    I know a lot of you think about lobster in the summertime, but let me tell you something. The best tasting lobster comes from the colder months. The lobsters are in deep cold, clean water, and have nice hard shells full of meat, tomalley and roe. Sure they are great boiled or steamed with some melted butter, but if you really want to impress, make yourself an old New England favorite: Lobster Pie. I've experimented with this recipe for a few years and I got it right were I want it. Rich with buttery lobster goodness, a touch of sherry and a cracker topping, it is sure to be a crowd pleaser. Great for a cold winter night, or served at room temperature, the big hit at your summer cookout. Take a look for yourself and let me know how it came out!

  • Wenn Die Post Nicht Ankommt

    Auf die Post oder den Paketboten muss man sich verlassen können. Soweit so gut. Tatsächlich gibt es immer wieder Situationen, in denen wichtige Briefe oder Pakete nicht ankommen. Das ist umso ärgerlicher, wenn dadurch Fristen versäumt werden, zum Beispiel bei Amtsbriefen oder wenn es um die Bestellung einer Ware handelt, die dringend benötigt wird. Neben dem Warum kommt in solchen Fällen regelmäßig die Frage auf, wer für den eingetretenen Schaden haftet und was Verbraucher in einem solchen Fall tun können. Die gute Nachricht zuerst. Die Empfänger haften im Regelfall nicht, wenn ein Brief oder ein Paket nicht bei ihnen ankommt. Es sei denn, sie trifft eine Mitschuld, etwa weil der Name nicht am Briefkasten (Modelle bei steht, die Adresse bei einer Bestellung falsch angegeben wurde oder sie sich längere Zeit nicht zu Hause befinden und keine Vorsorge für die eingehende Post getragen haben. Was kann konkret getan werden? Wenn es sich um wichtige Briefe oder Pakete handelt und der Empfänger Kenntnis davon hat, dass diese unterwegs zu ihm sein müssen, sollte in jedem Fall der Absender zeitnah informiert werden, dass der Brief oder das Paket noch nicht angekommen ist. Dieser wird dann in eigenem Interesse eigene Nachforschungen anstellen. Bei Einschreiben und Paketen lässt sich, wenn alles mit rechten Dingen zugeht, schnell nachverfolgen, wo die Post abgeblieben ist. Oft ist es ein Nachbar, der ein Paket entgegen genommen hat und manchmal auch ein Aushilfspostbote der sich nicht auskennt. Wer beispielsweise etwas bestellt hat, wird im Regelfall auch eine Liefercode mitgeteilt bekommen haben, über den die Sendung im Internet mitverfolgt werden kann. Manchmal stecken aber auch unklare Ursachen dahinter. Schwieriger wird es, wenn es sich um einen normalen Brief handelt, der nicht per Einschreiben gesandt wurde. Normale Briefe können nicht nachverfolgt werden. Hier gilt es dann abzuwarten, ob der Brief doch noch ankommt. Die Post zählt einen Brief erst dann als verloren, wenn er binnen 20 Tagen nicht ankommt. Wenn man weiss, das ein solcher Brief unterwegs ist, ist einem schneller geholfen, wenn der Absender gebeten wird, den Brief noch einmal abzusenden. Wenn man jedoch nicht weiss, dass eine Sendung unterwegs war, steht diese Möglichkeit natürlich nicht offen. Was ist wenn eine wichtige Frist versäumt wurde? Wenn durch eine verlorene Post eine Frist versäumt wurde, steht der Empfänger nicht rechtlos dar. Handelt es sich um Amtspost, kann beim Amt, soweit das möglich ist, ab dem Zeitpunkt der Kenntnis, die Wiedereinsetzung in den vorherigen Stand beantragt werden, sodass die Frist, vereinfacht gesagt, von Neuem zu laufen beginnt. Wer haftet, wenn die Post nicht ankommt? Die Beantwortung der Haftungsfrage ist regelmäßig sehr komplex und kann oft nur im Einzelfall beurteilt werden. Zunächst muss für eine Haftung ein nachweisbarer Schaden entstanden sein. Bei einer verlorengegangene Urlaubskarte ist der ideelle Wert oft höher als der Materielle Schaden. Die deutsche Post haftet zum Beispiel nur, wenn es sich bei einem Brief um ein Einschreiben gehandelt hat und auch dann nur in sehr begrenzter Höhe. Bei Paketen sieht das anders aus. Wurde eine Ware bestellt, haftet der Verkäufer für die Zustellung der Ware. Ist das Paket nicht auffindbar, muss dieser neue Ware senden oder das Geld kann zurückverlangt werden, im Falle dass schon bezahlt wurde. Der Verkäufer kann sich dann an die Post bzw. den beauftragten Postdienstleister wenden und diesen in Regress nehmen. Hier kommt es dann ganz darauf an, welche Haftungs- bzw. Versicherungssumme vereinbart wurde. Bei Streitigkeiten sollte ein Anwalt hinzugezogen werden.

  • Costeleta à lá Elvis Presley/cavanhaque à lá amante latino

    Todas as vezes que eu saí para procurar emprego, me preocupei mais com a aparência do que quando eu saía pra pegar mulher. Entre no link abaixo e escreva nos comentários: "Tio Didi me trouxe aqui":

  • The 5 Coolest Smart Phones Of 2017

    Over the years, cell phones have greatly increased in technology and aesthetic appeal. Perhaps, you can remember the days when cell phones were just used to simply make phone calls, but now there are all kinds of apps available that can help you in everyday life activities. Anything from GPS apps to phone number tracking is available for users to take advantage of. With the New Year is already here the cell phone market is expected to expand and grow even more. Just take a look at some of the coolest smart phones that will be available in 2017.

  • Why Can't I Get Fine By Summertime?

    I know I am not the only one that has stood in the mirror, playing with their belly fat, wondering when I'll be able to wear a two-piece bikini with confidence. I suck in "Tina, the talking tummy" and I turn to the side and pose. My back hurts and I feel like my lung is about to collapse, so I exhale and watch my stomach re-inflate. I think to myself, "MAN! I shouldn't have eaten those three donuts this morning." But I realize, I ate three donuts yesterday... and the day before yesterday... and I believe the day before yesterday's yesterday. I just want to get fine by summertime, but I love food with all my heart and soul. I know I can't be the only one suffering from this disease. I am knowledgeable enough about fitness and nutrition thanks to my college degree (shoutout Baylor); so I have created a list of reasons why the average Jane or Joe, cannot seem to stay true to their fitness goals and how they can make a change. I am sure you were expecting some elaborate checklist of deep reasons, but it literally boils down to three. Yes, just three! 1. Junk food all day, everyday. Junk food is so bad for you but tastes so good!!!! And when something tastes good, you can NEVER, EVER just have one. BUT, there is hope! An easy way to counteract this is to designate one or two days out of the week to enjoy your burgers, pizzas and cookie cakes. Every other day during the week should be packed with nutrient-filled foods such as salads, chicken breasts and such. Think of those one or two days as a reward for your hard work eating right. Take one week out of your 52 glorious weeks and try this tip, I promise it works! 2. No time for anything or anyone. You work long days and long hours and once you get home, you just want an ice cold beer and some 'za. I get it! But if you set aside time during the week to cook yourself some yummy dishes and store it away in a lovely invention called the refrigerator, life would be better and longer for you! Exercising is a different story because people think you need 4 hours in the gym to get the body of your dreams; but it has been proven, 15-30 minutes of any exercise that increases your heart rate for an extended amount of time does wonders for the human body. Set aside 30 minutes each day to walk around your neighborhood or hit your apartment gym. If you are stuck at work for all hours of the day, try and take the stairs, walk to get lunch or if you're feeling fancy, break out in some jumping jacks in the middle of the office. Get up and move! 3. Lastly, we all get those moods where we literally just want to lay on the couch and much on potato chips while watching Maury reruns. I totally get that, because I've been there. The problem isn't that you're lazy, it's that you STAY lazy for an extended period of time. You have this image in your head that you're going to be prancing around the beach like the next Bond Girl in a few weeks, but you're quote on quote "lazy". Bettering yourself comes with hardwork and sacrifice and one thing I have personally learned is that, nothing good comes easy. So yeah, you will have off days where you just want to chill, but don't stay in that mindset. Remember why you started and where you want to be in the next few months!

  • Naruto’s Actual Strength And Ranking

    After the anime ended, I played a lot of Naruto games. Most of them were card-based games because I like to collect different kinds of ninjas. I collected some 50 ninjas in Naruto Online. The most powerful ninjas are Orochimaru and Jiraiya. But my favorite is Naruto. He’s the lead of the Anime after all!

  • How Social Media Causes Social Anxiety

    My paper will be in explaining in how social media causes social anxiety. My intended audience is primarily teenagers or young adults. I will reflect on how i experienced this in past situations. Jorge Rodriguez said its a very good topic that he can relate that happened to him before. Julian said that we stole his topic, that it was a very good topic and that there was very good research behind our topic

  • 10 Underrated Movie Soundtracks

    Music and movies are two of my favorite things; in combination they are even better. A soundtrack is essentially just a playlist created perfectly to match the feel of a movie. Check out this list of 10 killer movie soundtracks!

  • Which Sprang Break 2k17 Girl Are You??

    Are you Rachael? Caitlin? Olivia S? Olivia C? Carolyn? Take this quiz to find out!!!

  • Giving Back Knows No Season

    S1 E3, Giving back knows no season for Just A Lil Faith and her friends.

  • Just A Lil Faith Season Premiere S1 E1

    Season Premiere of Just A Lil Faith S1 E1

  • No Friendship is an Accident

    No friendship is an accident. Just A Lil Faith.

  • 14 Creative Ways To Cook A Whole Chicken

    Roast that chicken grandma style!

  • 7 Out Of The Box Party Ideas

    If you're tired of the same, boring themed parties you've always seen, check out these ideas for some originality - then get ready to throw the best (or maybe just most unique) rager anyone has ever seen.

  • Which Bingo Goddess Are You

    Kayla, Abby, Sarah, Sally, or Emily?

  • 10 Romantic Lactose-Free Dinners For You And Your Sweetie

    Because sometimes lactose and date night don't mix...