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  • 15 Fancy Ice Creams You Have To Try This Summer

    They're almost too pretty to eat

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  • High Protein Recipe – Oats Paniyaram

    Try this mouth-watering Oats Paniyaram recipe. Truly delicious and full of protein, this paniyaram recipe is cooked using oats, chana dal, toor dal, onion, urad dal,

  • Amazing creations of nature 2 types of ocean water separated beautiful to watch!

    Amazing creations of nature 2 types of ocean water separated beautiful to watch!

  • Repairing an Underground Water Line

    We have talked to with many clients who have had it happen before –needed to have a water line repaired. Be sure to call to locate underground systems before you dig. If your contractor started waterproof or another type of digging begins any repair work without locates knowing this information, he can damage cables, water lines, or gas underground lines. That is exactly what happened to our clients at **6* Waterford Dr. in Toronto had. Given the complex set of tunnels and pipes underneath your home, there is a very good chance that you have no clue may not know where the underground lines are unless you are lucky enough to notice water bubbling up somewhere. That is why they called in the professionals.

  • Computer Science & Engineering (CSE)

    The department of Computer Science provides world class education along with international level training and research and high standard computing facilities to the students. Our research lies in the areas of systems, software, networking, databases, artificial intelligence, security, and foundations of computer science, robotics, and scientific computing. Our Computer Science Department guides the students toward the pragmatic aspects of computer science and provides the learning and practices to make them proficient computing professionals. Courses Offered UNDER GRADUATE COURSES •B.Tech. - Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) B.Tech in Computer Science and engineering is a 4 year degree course whose purpose is to prepare the students to face the challenges and to solve the problems using computational techniques and technology. After completing this course students will be able to perform on multi-disciplinary teams and solve engineering problems and designing, and comparing solutions/ protocols. The carrier options available for the students after completion of this course includes designing new computer systems, Software Development backend, Software Development Frontend, , Network Management, Network Design, Data Analytics, Data Base Administrator, Software Testing and Maintenance and System Software Development. Duration: 4 years Eligibility: Candidates must have secured at least 50% aggregate in PCM 12th Standard or equivalent examination, recognized by State or Central Education Board. Candidates must have chosen five subjects and studied Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics as core subjects in 12th Standard. ________________________________________ POST GRADUATE COURSES M.Tech. - Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) M. Tech. in Computer Science and Engineering is a Masters programme offered to the students who are willing in advanced learning and research in any domain of computer science. Our master graduates usually employed at the top research laboratories and firms in the country and even abroad. M.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering programme aims at providing technical skills, advanced conceptual knowledge, and ability to conduct research in the field of Computer Science and Engineering. The students are taught through case studies by experienced faculty and industry experts. Duration: Full Time - 2 years/Part Time - 3 years Eligibility: Candidates must have completed Bachelor’s degree in Engineering / Technology or an equivalent degree in an appropriate area or M.Sc (Computer Science/Information Technology) or MCA with 50% marks in aggregate. DOCTORATE •Ph.D. - Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) The Ph.D programme in Computer Science and Engineering imparts their students with skills, knowledge to do the research in the domain of computer science. Research programmes leading Ph.D. degrees is the main thrust in the department which attract many students from all over the world. The department has highly experienced Faculty members in Computer Science. Duration: Minimum duration for Ph.D. is 3 years including course work and maximum of 6 years (full time / part time). Eligibility: Candidates must have completed Post graduation in the relevant discipline from a UGC recognized University with 50% marks in aggregate. However the candidate with M.Phil/NET/SLET /CSIR-UGC/JRF cleared in the relevant subject is exempted from Entrance test.

  • Mini-Direwolf Reacts To Game Of Thrones: Season 7, Episode 2 (Stormborn)


  • She Was One Of The Naughtiest Parents’: Prince Harry Shares Memories Of Diana In Intimate Documentary

    In their most close meeting to date, Prince Harry and the Duke of Cambridge share cherished recollections of their carefree mother.

  • The Ultimate Guide For Animal Lovers

    Ever wanted to try Yoga, but not sure where to start? Feel like your pet’s looking for something a little more exciting than simply walkies? Why not try something a little different and introducing Animal Yoga to your life!

  • Qaidi Band’s I Am India: This Arijit Singh Song Is The Perfect Youth Anthem

    Aadar Jain and Anya Singh starrer Qaidi Band is in the buzz because of the remarkable idea of the correctional facility detainees and their battle to escape the prison.

  • Adplexity Group Buy

    IF YOU want adplexity,click here

  • The Lost Secret Of Ketogenic Diet

    A ketogenic diet can lead to weight loss not only because it produces ketones and increases the rate at which fats are burned, but also because it also

  • Back To School: How To Teach Kids Time Management?

    Back to school is coming and time management skills are key when it comes to school performance or even preparation for an adult life. So here's a guide on how to teach your kid to run time well and effectively.

  • Will You Survive As An Actress?

    You really want to know it

  • How forgiveness made Shruti a survivor of Childhood Trauma

    I don’t even remember my age when I got involved in a series of “child-play”, that was going to impact the rest of my life. My own family member, under my safest shelter indulged in the adult activities that he must have presumed to be the most comfortable environment for him.

  • How To Design A Company Profile?

    So you have the content developed for your Company profile but are absolutely lost on what the Company profile should look like, you have our sympathies. Racking your brain over what the design should look like shouldn’t stop you from browsing other companies’ company profile. It will give you ideas on what works and what doesn’t work and that will further help you in developing a killer Company profile for your own company. How should it really be though? Should it be bright and colorful? Or should it be minimalistic with just a touch of color? Should it have a high photo to content ratio? Or a high content to photo ratio? How much is white space too much? Should there be any white space? Should the focus be on visual attraction or on the content? How organized is too organized? The short answer to these questions is it depends. Company profile writing is as hard as it is, and the designing is also as hard. The long answer to this question is it depends on what your company is, what its focus is, and what kind of brand image it wants to develop. Let us elaborate on that. You can also enlist the services of a company that provides Company Profile Writing Services in Dubai If you are, for example, an interior design or an architecture firm, it would be more appropriate if the aesthetic of your company profile was more on the geometric design side with lots of sleek lines and elegant contrasts. The photos to content ratio should be really high where the content is minimum, but the photos, designs are higher. The color scheme also should be soft but contrasting. If on the other hand, you are a restaurant, your company profile should be vibrant and filled with pictures of food and contain very little text if any. But if you are a hospital, then there needs to be a more of an emphasis on the content rather than the pictures. The aesthetic should be a blue pallete as that is the color associated with medicine and professionalism. It’s also soothing to the eye. As you can see there are many factors to consider when designing your company profile. However, if you are completely lost still, then getting some Company Profile Writing Help in Dubai, UAE will go a long way. Otherwise, remember that simplicity and white spaces are your friends.

  • Apple Music Tip You Really Need To Know – Find New Songs Easily

    Here is the post which shows you four useful tips to find and discover new music within Apple Music.

  • Zabawki Ogrodowe Drewniane

    Lato w pełni, spacery, czas spędzony z dziecmi w ogrodzie, to idealny czas na zaopatrzenie się w zabawki ogrodowe dla dzieci. Nasze pociechy uwielbiają sie wspinać, huśtać się, zjeżdżać na zjeżdżalni i dlatego warto w takie rzeczy wyposażyć nasz ogród. Idealnie się sprawdzą również drewniane domki, w których dzieci będą godzinami przesiadywać i chować sie przed słońcem lub letnim deszczem. Piaskownica oczywiście, to nieodzowny element ogrodu. Dzieci uwielbiają budować zamki, robić babki i leżeć na piasku? Pamiętajmy by wszystkie te propozycje miały atesty, bo zdrowie i bezpieczeństwo naszych dzieci jest najważniejsze! Pozdrawiam i zapraszam na kolejne wpisy?

  • Which Lopsy Are You?

    We all know and love Lopsy, but which Lopsy are you? Take this quiz to see which of Lopsy's 10 personalities you are!

  • Which MBIntern Are You?

    I loved you then, I love you still. I always have, I always will.

  • Make Coffee And See Which Coffee Lover You Are!

    Craft a coffee drink and see who you're most like! Autumn, Blake, or Ella!

  • Are You More Pure Heroine Or Melodrama?

    We told you this was Melodrama

  • Create A Playlist And We'll Tell You What Decade You Belong In

    Because every era is truly defined by its music.

  • Women Being Underpaid And Undervalued In The Workplace

    The gender segregation of the workforce globally has meant, in general, that women are concentrated in jobs that pay lower wages. The bad news is that it’s getting worse for women. In the next decade, low-wage women’s jobs will increase at one and a half times the rate of all other jobs. Even more women will be faced with the need to take jobs that undervalue their education and skills, under-compensate their contributions, and exact heavy physical and emotional costs.