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    50 Unique Gifts You Can Get For Under $50

    The secret to acing your holiday gift-giving is letting your freak flag fly.

    Hey! While we’re doing our best to make sure the products we feature will arrive in time for Christmas, shipping times are especially tricky this year and can vary depending on where you live, which product you purchase, and more. Shop early and be sure to double check the retailers’ websites for shipping information to ensure that your gift will arrive in time for the 25th!)

    1. A set of stackable Greek column glasses to let them know they've been a pillar in your life.

    Glasses stacked to form Greek column

    2. "Resident Dog," a perfect coffee-table book documenting very good dogs and the homes they live in — perfect for anyone getting hit with a bad case of cabin fever.

    "Resident Dog" book cover

    3. A pair of Merrell Hydro Mocs so they can get in on 2020's hottest water shoe trend.

    Merrell's Hydro Moc Water Shoe

    4. A clock with a face they simply can't be mad at, even when it's time to get out of bed for work.

    A black square face clock

    5. A Moog synth vinyl record from the '70s designed to help houseplants grow — give it to your friend with a green thumb and, at the very least, watch your friendship grow.

    the vinyl record

    6. A multi-purpose tissue box organizer that'll make a perfect addition to their at-home desk set up.

    Multifunction tissue box

    7. Or, stick with single-function minimalism: a house-shaped tissue box to make them feel extremely ~blessed~.

    Minimalist tissue box cover shaped like a house

    8. A corkscrew named Alessandro M. Corkscrew that'll liven up their bottle-opening experience.

    Corkscrew shaped like a man

    9. An iron candle holder if you'd describe their interior aesthetic as "mid-century monastery" or "medieval chic."

    Model lighting double-armed candle arrangement

    10. A sage-scented styling cream they'll agree is one of the best smelling hair products out there — subtle and earthy and fresh!

    the tube of cream

    11. A set of "roller coasters," the adult version of everyone's favorite childhood game in which you navigate steel balls through a maze — this version will have them navigating condensation drips from their beer.

    12. A portable BBQ "suitcase" for the friend who's always in the mood for a 'dog.

    Red portable BBQ suitcase

    13. A three-tiered hanging basket to kick their boho living room (or kitchen — it's great as a fruit basket, too!) up a notch.

    Three-tiered hanging basket filled with plants in living room

    14. A desktop wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube man they'll probably be able to learn a dance move or two from.

    15. A vintage Apple monitor stand they can slip their phone into to relive simpler times on the World Wide Web.

    Vintage apple monitor stand

    16. A suede measuring tape that'll give your handiest friend a chance to flex harder than they ever have around the house.

    Orange-suede measuring tape

    17. A weave-print face mask with built-in filter pockets so they can dress for these very different times.

    Model wearing a graphic face mask

    18. The revised and expanded 2020 Design Book packed with 500 of the most "innovative, influential, and enduring" products from the last five centuries — to give your design-minded friend some fine coffee-table reading.

    Design Book open to Egg Chair and Chambord Coffee Press

    19. A 2021 calendar craft kit so they can turn the year into an impressive stationary garden.

    Flowers calendar craft kit with blue flower

    20. A Japanese "Welcome" soap that'll certainly make for a great conversation starter in the shower...if that's a thing that exists!

    Black fish soap

    21. The Nordic Baking Book for dipping their toes into the art of minimalist home baking with chef Magnus Nilsson as their guide.

    The Nordic Baking Book upright

    22. A "meta-puzzle" — that's a puzzle with an image of a person assembling a puzzle on it — to give your jigsaw champion friend their greatest challenge yet.

    Piecework Puzzles

    23. A rechargeable electric lighter – it requires no flame, making it also windproof and a whole lot easier to use outside.

    24. A pair of aerating wineglasses that'll win over even the most snobbish wine drinker in your life.

    Aerating wine glasses with red wine in them

    25. The Noma Guide to Fermentation, which you can be certain make for a rotten gift.

    26. A box of sushi socks that'll score you full points in presentation.

    Sushi socks in a box

    27. A pistachio pedestal so your snack-happy friend has a place to store their discarded shells while they eat.

    Pistachio pedestal with used shells separated

    28. A multi-tool that'll give them a poke to take care of their household chores.

    29. An unglazed terra-cotta candle holder for a striking, minimalist centerpiece.

    Unglazed terracotta candle holder

    30. A sheep toilet paper holder that'll also hold their guest's attention, probably.

    Sheep toilet paper holder

    31. A knitting bag so they can take full advantage of their lulls during lockdown.

    Model holding travel knitting bag

    32. A "tic-tac-trivet" — that's a tic-tac-toe board that doubles as a trivet, if you're stumped — so they can protect their beautiful tables from getting stained with cup rings while gaming.

    Tic-tac-trivet board

    33. Or, a set of colorful flex coasters to instantly liven up any table.

    Colorful flex coasters in use

    34. An LED dog leash that is sure to make any pup owner light up.

    LED dog leash

    35. A travel pillow for the person in your life who you'd rather not talk to when they get less than eight hours of sleep.

    Travel pillow on model

    36. A frosted-glass salt and pepper shaker they'll probably want to leave out like it's a sculptural object (it is!).

    Salt and pepper shaker in frosted glass

    37. Beats Flex Earphones, because in this age of true wireless listening, a really solid par with a wire *does* feel pretty unique.

    Yellow Beats Flex Earphones used by model

    38. A set of multi-color balancing blocks that'll serve as equal parts therapeutic activity and eye candy.

    Multi-colored balancing blocks

    39. Grateful Dead-inspired bath salts for when you can't just get them a box of rain.

    Beary Good bath Salt packaging

    40. A 16" puffy laptop sleeve so they can match their son (laptop) when they dress for the next winter storm.

    41. A Roxanne Assoulin terrazzo enamel bracelet for a neutral-toned piece that'll round out their ensemble.

    Neutral-toned Roxanne Assoulin terrazzo enamel bracelet worn on model

    42. A set of sculptural pillar candles for an exceptional dinner table centerpiece (they probably won't even want to burn).

    Sculptural pillar candles lined up

    43. A cement planter that'll really give them a hand with the Instagram-ability of their plant setup.

    Cement planter shaped like cupped hand

    44. A reusable tote to put a sophisticated and eco-friendly spin on the bodega classic.

    Reusable baggy with smiley face "have a nice day" on it

    45. A cap that says "art house garbage," because it's time to tell your loved one how you really feel about their Criterion Channel queue.

    Hat that reads "art house garbage"

    46. A travel bowl for the pup owner in your life who is always on the go.

    Travel dog bowl with key chain attachment

    47. A beautiful tortoiseshell cup that may just inspire them to rip off all their cabinet doors and do open shelving.

    Leopard swirl and blue drinking vessel

    48. A pair of Tracksmith gloves, the rare, highly-functional and stylish running glove they'll be happy to have on hand (literally) during chilly mornings.

    49. An hourglass cocktail glass they can use for a shot or to measure spirits — the time is now!

    Colorful hourglass cocktail glasses lined up

    50. And a Baby Yoda Chia Pet you really can't miss with if they're a Mandalorian head.

    Baby Yoda Chia Pet next to seed packet

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