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    24 Products For Anyone Who Really Loves Sleeping In

    A no-judgment zone.

    1. A white-noise sound machine with 20 settings to ensure you get a good night's sleep, even when your upstairs neighbors decide to do some late-night furniture rearranging.

    White noise machine on bedside table

    2. An adaptive foam mattress that'll fuel your affinity for sleeping in with its extra-cool construction — no more waking up in the middle of the night sweating from your relentless radiator.

    Grey mattress on bed

    3. And a relaxed-fit MicroModal PJ set to take breathability goals (lol) one step further.

    Model wearing black PJ set

    4. A linen draught excluder for your door that'll serve a few different functions: keep out the uncomfortable winter draft, block out the harsh lights from the hallway, and muffle any noises that might ruin an otherwise beautiful snoozefest.

    Two linen draught excluders hanging on door

    5. A pack of super effective ear plugs for those mornings when the garbage truck swings by your window 30 minutes before you planned on getting out of bed.

    Green ear plugs with box

    6. A silk pillowcase so nothing — not even waking up with a colossal case of bedhead — can curb your enthusiasm for sleeping in. (A great frictionless alternative to your average cotton pillowcase.)

    Model asleep on silk pillow with mask

    7. A beautiful hand-built stoneware fountain that'll lull you right to sleep (and keep you in ZZZ Land) with the soothing sound of falling water.

    Stoneware off-white water fountain turned on

    8. A portable mini humidifier if you love rolling out of bed at 11 but hate feeling dry and congested.

    white oval shape humidifier

    9. A sleeping mask that'll make it abundantly clear to anyone who dares to enter your bedroom to wake you up that you have no intention to do so.

    Three sleeping masks on bed

    10. A sheet of stick-on sound dampeners so you don't have to worry about being woken up by your roommates scouring the cabinets for a quick breakfast snack.

    Sound dampeners attached to cabinet door

    11. A dog bed with ultra-comfy tiered foam and a layered poly-weave because maybe getting some quality shuteye for you means getting your pets out of your bed.

    Dogs in their respective Wild One dog beds

    12. Some blackout curtains that, in addition to giving you privacy and shade, will also dampen sound.

    Blackout curtains hung in living room

    13. A "sleep pod" if you want to be swaddled like a baby — this thing stretches perfectly around your body to help reduce stress and, in turn, give you a better night's sleep.

    Model curled up in bed with a sleep pod

    14. A classy wooden diffuser to fill the air with some relaxing essential oils while you doze off.

    15. A weighted blanket that reviewers with stress and anxiety claim has helped them to finally get a good night's rest and stay asleep longer.

    Model asleep with weighted blanket

    16. A soothing home spray blended with bergamot, thyme, eucalyptus, lavender, and ylang ylang to freshen up your linens.

    Hand spraying Home Spray onto pillow

    17. A half-moon wedge pillow made of memory foam to support your back and side while you doze off.

    Legs atop half-wedge pillow

    18. A down-alternative comforter that, unfortunately, will make getting out from this heavenly cloud impossible on days you actually have somewhere to be. You win some, you lose some.

    Down-alternative comforter in white dressing bed

    19. A deep-pocket mattress topper that'll give you an additional layer of heavenly support while protecting your mattress.

    Deep-pocket mattress topper in white on bed

    20. A chic bedside water carafe so you can stay hydrated throughout the night (and expect to see your very own Architectural Digest spread when you wake at 1 p.m.).

    Clear bedside carafe on table

    21. A pack of bedsheet suspenders that'll keep your linens from slipping off the mattress, ensuring and interruption-free snooze.

    Bedsheet suspenders holding linens to mattress

    22. A color-changing nightlight that'll instantly send you back to childhood (and, hopefully, sleep).

    Nightlight in four different bright colors

    23. A cuddly body pillow to give you that hip, back, neck, and stomach support all in one. So when you wake up 10 hours later? You will not be in absolute pain.

    Model cuddling with white body pillow

    24. And a wake-up light that simulates a sunrise so when it *is* finally time to wake up it doesn't feel like you're being reprimanded by your alarm clock — with this, you get a gradual and peaceful nudge.

    A wake-up light turning on by bed

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