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    15 Cool Running Brands You Should Know

    You could say they're off the beaten path.

    1. Satisfy, a "functional punk" brand for the aesthetically attuned runner.

    2. Tracksmith, to channel your inner Armie Hammer in Social Network with some preppy, Ivy-league stylings.

    3. District Vision, the high-fashion shades brand that'll have you sporting your running look well after you've logged your morning run.

    4. Gyakusou, for looks stylish enough to make you forget cardio is work.

    5. Ten Thousand, for a "no BS" approach to running gear that function-first athletes will appreciate.

    6. Ciele, the cult-followed hat operation making stylish technical solutions you'll actually want to incorporate in your summer runs.

    7. Jacques, for the minimalist who's chasing that perfect crisp and clean look.

    8. Janji, a globally minded line worth perusing if you want your running to feel less like a self-indulgent pursuit.

    9. Path Projects, where custom is key and you'll be able to find the perfect combination of materials to suit your environment.

    10. Reigning Champ, if you're not one for bells and whistles — "it's all in the details," you've been known to say.

    11. Hoka One One, the shoe brand recognized for its chunky outsole to give you both fashion cred and optimal stability on your runs.

    12. Soar, if your preferred feeling while running is "I forgot I was wearing clothes."

    13. Unsanctioned, where running is synonymous with taking care of the environment — you'll never feel like you're contributing to wasteful practices.

    14. Iffley Road, if you identify as a Heavy Sweater and need a well-engineered garment to get to work on wicking.

    15. Doxa, for anyone who isn't shy when it comes to experimenting with loud designs on the track.

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