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    77 Elegant Gifts For The Minimalist In Your Life

    In the spirit of *checks notes* minimalism, here are a ton of things to add to your cart.

    1. The Nordic Baking Book for dipping their toes into the art of minimalist home baking with chef Magnus Nilsson as their guide.

    2. A Japanese quartz watch with a matte-black colorway so they won't be fashionably late to your get-togethers again — just fashionable.

    3. A gridded ceramic picture frame to accentuate your favorite memories.

    4. A super lightweight packable tote that'll make for the perfect carry-on bag or everyday bag.

    5. A house-shaped tissue box that'snot a joke.

    6. A no-frills humidifier and essential oil diffuser to keep their air (and decor) from being dry.

    7. A serpent mini-lighter key ring to enable the smoker in your life.

    8. An electric pour-over kettle they'll definitely want to leave out on the kitchen counter for all to see.

    9. A hand-built water fountain that'll create a peaceful vibe in any room.

    10. A modern dinner bell for the parent who has trouble wrangling their kids for a meal (or, just, anyone with an affinity for good, simple design).

    11. A Hobonichi Techo planner book so they can plan on being stylish in the new year.

    12. A tiered planter to display their finest succulents.

    13. A glass suncatcher for the friend with good lighting in their apartment — when hung in a sunny nook, the object will create pleasing, colorful shadows.

    14. A classy spherical soap that'll round out their bathroom decor.

    15. A premium-quality bean bag chair that'll certainly be a step up from the ones they remember from the dorms.

    16. An insulated travel mug for the friend who basically belongs in the cinematic universe of Her.

    17. Or, a water bottle that'll take this minimalism thing even further with a completely flat, flask-like body.

    18. A wavy stainless steel bookend to add some subtle intrigue to their shelf.

    19. A neutral palette runner in hand-dyed cotton that'll add warmth to any space.

    20. A Bang & Olufsen portable bluetooth speaker for the on-the-go music listener.

    21. An original signed print made by inking and rolling a hand-turned wood block for a perfect wall adornment.

    22. A bar cart (or is it a serving trolley? rolling table? [there are no wrong answers]) to organize and secure all of your bulky items.

    23. A linen wrap-around mitt for the gift of minimal burns while transporting hot cookware.

    24. Apartamento's tribute book to Michael Anastassiades that'll be sure to please any fans of contemporary design.

    25. A leaning coat rack for the minimalist who likes to keep only their most-worn items out on display (or at least aspires to).

    26. A half-zip cotton-wool sweater that'll stay glued to their chest all winter long.

    27. A lamp that'll cleverly use their outlet as an anchor — cutting out the use of fussy and chaotic cords.

    28. A wavy Aalvar Aalto serving board to say "hey, invite me over to your next function where you serve fancy hor d'oeuvres."

    29. Or, a set of upright nesting cutting boards if one simply doesn't ~cut~ it.

    30. A rod bracelet in a smokey bronze for equal measures playful and elegant.

    31. A mini bonsai tree reflection pool to calm their nerves — IDK about you but I'm feeling zen just looking at it.

    32. Faculty Department, the cult-followed volume documenting creative individuals and spaces to give them endless inspiration.

    33. An LA-made cotton fleece with incredible attention to detail for the friend who likes even their casual wear to be of the utmost quality.

    34. Peel, the unbranded, semi-transparent phone case that’s so thin it’ll make their phone look like it’s naked.

    35. A hoop magazine rack for a gift that is, well, a slam dunk.

    36. A tonal cotton throw that'll go perfectly with their earthy space.

    37. A Japanese tiered shoe rack to fit perfectly in their tiny little nook that isn't quite big enough for a standard option.

    38. An Aesop body cleansing gift kit that'll make every day feel like a spa day.

    39. A hand-thrown gridded vase to create an inviting floral arrangement on your kitchen table.

    40. A herringbone cotton work jacket for the friend who is all about subtle details — look at that contrasting corduroy collar!

    41. A pack of warm merino wool socks that'll get them through winter, comfortably.

    42. A pair of Adidas Yung-1 shoes with a mesh upper and suede overlays for a look that's somehow both retro and understated.

    43. An overnight cold-brew filter bottle they'll agree has no right to look this good.

    44. A sterling silver tiny dot necklace for a perfect daily-wear option.

    45. A statement modern accent chair that'll also secretly be a gift for yourself (your new throne when you visit their apartment).

    46. A very chic feeder for the birds but not — cough — for the birds.

    47. An herbal candle that'll leave them with a sleek glass container when they've burned through it.

    48. A piece of mouth-blown confetti glassware for the perfect amount of subtle texture. (It works as a drinking glass, votive, or vase!)

    49. An acrylic Squatty Potty to get their colon and minimalist sensibility aligned in the bathroom.

    50. A stainless steel watering can for the houseplant aficionado among your friend group.

    51. A canvas and leather weekender bag that'll be with them for the long haul.

    52. A cable-knit throw to give them the gift of coziness when the temps plummet.

    53. An acrylic fish tank with a built-in LED light that'll go over swimmingly.

    54. A pair of casual baggy overalls that'll actually turn them into an overalls person.

    55. Spectrum, a photo book from acclaimed minimalist architect John Pawson to show them the full spectrum of appreciation you have for them.

    56. A hand-blown layered glass pitcher for the friend who likes their kitchenware to be almost too beautiful to use.

    57. A pair of natural wood hooks they can hang their coats on.

    58. A spherical table light for a warm, ambient glow that never gets old.

    59. A pack of oversized linen dinner napkins to make every dinner — even those nights when their dinner is cereal — look chic.

    60. A handblown glass pendant light for an easy upgrade to any room.

    61. A made-to-order ceramic soap dish with an ingenious drainage spout so excess water trickles out directly into their sink (instead of all over the counter).

    62. A five-piece Japanese-inspired place setting with a sophisticated matte black glaze.

    63. An all-wood stool to use as a pedestal or decorative side table.

    64. A deck of monochromatic cards, because winning everyone over with the perfect gift is totally in the cards this year.

    65. A mini jewelry organizer for the person who has a lot of accessories but little to no idea where to store them.

    66. A set of brushed microfiber sheets if they're looking for a magical wrinkle-, fade-, and stain-resistant bedding solution.

    67. A gorgeous menorah that'll make them wish Hanukkah were longer than eight days.

    68. A modern hourglass accent stool they can use to store their stray magazines or electronics.

    69. An all-natural shampoo bar to cut out single-use plastic from your hair-washing routine.

    70. A parkland block set for the minimalist who prefers to experience nature from the comfort of their heated bedroom.

    71. A cat scratcher and lounge that doubles as impressive living room art.

    72. A carafe with an oak stopper — the gift that says, "Hey, you should host a dinner party again."

    73. A sleek compost bin with an adjustable air vent they can mount on their cabinet door if they prefer to keep it out of sight. (Though, it's far from an eyesore!)

    74. A bulbous little planter that they (or you, if you want extra credit) can showcase a nice flower or succulent arrangement in.