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17 Things That Didn't Exist In Sydney Before 2009

From trendy food shops to complete rebuilds — Sydney has seen its fair share of makeovers.

1. While it made its debut in 2009, VIVID has flourished in the last decade, becoming THE MUST SEE event in Sydney each winter.

2. In 2012, The Grounds of Alexandria opened and literally transformed an industrial area into a magical playground.

3. In 2013, the iconic* Sydney monorail was retired.

4. Then in 2015, construction started on the Sydney CBD and South East Light Rail line — which, four years on, is now "testing trams" and confusing the hell out of me.

5. In 2015, Doughnut Time popped up like a lime rash on the cityscape.

6. And then in 2018, most of the restaurants closed, leaving haunted lime donut husks staring us in the face as we walked down the city streets.

7. In 2014, Sydney's lockout laws were first introduced.

8. And then in 2016, a two-year trial of ~relaxed~ lockout laws were introduced, with the removal of them set to be completed in most areas by the end of 2019.

9. In 2016, we said goodbye to the paper, public transport tickets and a big HELLO to the glory of Opal cards.

10. Then, in 2019, Sydney Trains introduced the concept of using your credit card to tap on and off — making Opal cards effectively useless.

11. In 2014, UTS opened the first building that started its very obvious ~rejuvenation~ project.

12. In 2015, it followed with the Dr Chau Chak Wing Building, also known as the "paper bag building".

13. And in 2019, they officially opened UTS Central. We are expecting a wry, self-deprecating nickname to be announced shortly.

14. In 2018, The Green Square library opened and showed us all what true beauty looks like.

15. In 2016, the Wynyard Walk was completed and it has made every commuter's life SO MUCH EASIER!

16. Between 2016-2017, Barangaroo absolutely exploded —seemingly popping up out of nowhere.

17. And finally, in 2016, the opening of the International Convention Centre that prompted the all round glow-up of Darling Harbour.

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