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    17 Things To Do In Sydney When You Find Yourself Getting Bored On Your Summer Break

    For when you get bored of being bored.

    1. First off, if you're up for some bush bashing, pack a picnic and spend the day at Wattamolla National Park.

    2. If you're looking to feed your ~intellectual~ side, spend a day browsing books at the Green Square Library in Zetland.

    3. If you're wanting to venture out of the city, rent a car and head down the south coast.

    4. If you're excited to learn something new, you can sign up for some pottery classes at the aptly named The Pottery Shed.

    5. If you're feeling more than a little bit peckish, feast on a platter from Platform Eighty-Two in Concord West.

    6. If you want to be wowed by the universe, head to the Sydney Observatory and do a night-time tour.

    7. If you're looking for a new fishy friend, grab some snorkels and take a dive around Clovelly.

    8. If you're wanting to unleash your creative side, take a bottle and some cheese to Cork & Canvas on Oxford Street.

    9. If you love day drinking more than anything, book a bottomless bellini session at The Winery for bangin' food and ample booze.

    10. If you're looking to save on some cash, round up your friends, buy some cheese and crackers and go for a picnic in the Botanical Gardens.

    11. If you're a movie fan, catch a summer flick at Westpac's Open Air Cinema looking over Circular Quay.

    12. If you're looking to get back to your mermaid roots, rent a car and travel to the Figure Eight Pools.

    13. If you're seeking a little bit of a thrill, try out Oz Jet Boating and prepare yourself to get wet.

    14. If you want to return to your childhood, head to Skyzone in Alexandria and jump like Kangaroo Jack.

    15. If you feel like you want to stretch your legs a bit, try out Sydney's Indoor Climbing Gym in St Peters.

    16. If you want to impress your friends and get a little tipsy at the same time, book a Cocktail Master Class at Li'l Darling in Surry Hills.

    17. And finally, if you're with a bunch of non-committal friends who don't know what they want to do, taking a stroll through The Rock's Markets is always a nice time.

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