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    15 Ways To Support Social Justice In The Twin Cities

    Aiming for accountability in Minnesota's racial reckoning.

    In the wake of uprisings against police brutality, the Twin Cities is having a racial reckoning.

    Grassroots organizations are key in the Twin Cities fight against systemic inequality.

    “Try to send money to people, not just organizations. It’s always better to give money to trusted individuals than large organizations, because you can ensure more accountability," says Minneapolis-raised public housing advocate Kaaha Kaahiye. Here are some grassroots, community-led organizations you can support:

    1. Documenting MN

    2. Defend Glendale & Public Housing Coalition

    3. Holistic Heaux

    4. Isuroon

    5. Community Emergency Assistance Programs (Brooklyn Park)

    CEAP volunteer

    6. Karen Organization Of Minnesota

    7. Black Immigrant Collective

    Black Immigrant Collective protesting ICE

    8. Minnesota Indian Women's Resource Center

    9. Pimento Relief Service

    10. Du Nord Craft Spirits

    11. CAPI Immigrant Opportunity Center

    12. MN Teen Activists

    13. Organization for Refuge, Asylum & Migration (ORAM)

    14. Face to Face Health & Counseling

    15. Hacer